Homemade Mayo Recipe Video

Sep 13, 2015 by

Hello my Lovies,

In this video I will share with you how I make homemade mayo in about 5 minutes. This recipe is very basic, and requires just a few simple ingredients that anyone will definitely have laying around in their kitchen. This mayo will be good to keep in your fridge for a week, you can keep it longer, but I personally prefer a fresh batch each week.

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11 Minute Real Time Workout Up...

Aug 28, 2015 by

Hello my dearest Lovies,

Today I have a Real Time Workout Challenge for an Upper Body ( Bodyweight Only ). This workout challenge is only 11 minutes long, I did it this long because I’ve already done an upper body workout the previous day, so 11 minutes was enough for me. But, if you guys are feeling frisky you can up the time to 15 minutes or even 20 minutes.

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Build & Burn by Loving Fi...

Aug 22, 2015 by

Hello my Lovies,

Get ready cause I’m back with new Lower Body Workout for you to burn through! Can I get a whoop whoop 😉 This new routine is about 33-35 minutes long, and consists of 3 parts. Part one is designed to warm-up and activate the muscles of your legs and glutes. In part 2 and part 3 we are going to be doing HIIT, while focusing on fluidity of motion, perfect form and great burn.

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Nutritious Tip and My Secret I...

Aug 8, 2015 by

Hello my Lovies,

I’ve already posted this video on my YouTube Channel few days ago, and finally posting it here on my blog. In this video I’m going to share with you guys one of my Nutritious Tips, and also my secret ingredient that will make any of your salads taste incredible, so much that everyone will be asking you what is it that you are putting in these salads?

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Q & A Video #2

Jul 28, 2015 by

Good day my Lovies!

It’s another gorgeous day in the Sunshine State 🙂 and I’m continuing my Q & A series, and this is a video #2. You can also notice that I now have a separate page for Q & A’s. This English version of this video will include the following two questions :

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Q & A Video #1

Jul 21, 2015 by

Happy Monday my Lovies,

Let’s make it a great week! This is my first Q&A video, and from here on I would like to make it a tradition, answering your questions in a video format. Each week, I will be asking on my Facebook and my Russian VK Page for you guys to post your questions, and I will be making a video answer to the questions which I feel could help many of you.

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