HIIT GainZ Full Body Workout

Nov 28, 2015 by

Sandbag Workout


Hello my dear Lovies,

I present you a new Full Body Workout! This routine is about 33 minutes long, and consists of 9 exercises which will literally work every muscle in your body. I really hope you guys fully enjoyed your Thanksgiving and ready to get back to your training!


For Loving Fit Newbies

If you are new to Loving Fit I recommend to check out ” Creating Your Workout Plan ” post. There you will be able to see how I put together my routines, and you can find something for your own fitness level. My philosophy is: Form is always more important than speed, so WATCH YOUR FORM!

Another thing that I really recommend all of my beginners to check out, is my post review called on What Is The Beta Switch. I think this plan is quite amazingly put together for someone who is just starting out and need a lot of guidance. I’m not a beginner and I found so much useful info learning from Beta Switch Program.

For Complete Beginners I really suggest to check out my review-post about The Beta Switch. This is an amazing program for complete beginners with tips and guidance not only about working out, but also nutrition and keeping your mind on track.


Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my timer and a sandbag ( mine is about 35-40 lbs ). This routine consists of 9 exercises and 3 rounds total.
The structure of this workout is not your usual back to back 3 rounds.
First you are going to complete all 9 exercises in the first round. Then you will take 1-2 minutes break. You will start the second round from the bottom, in reversed order, and move all the way to the top. Then, you will take another 1-2 minutes break and will start the 3rd round from the top again.


The Exercises:

  1. Pick-up Squat
  2. Wide 3 Pulse Squat
  3. Side Plank Push-ups & Bag Pull
  4. Falling Bomber
  5. Bag Clean & Jump-Up Squat
  6. Bag Swing
  7. Chair Squat To Explosive Jump-up Push-up
  8. Push-off & Jump Tuck
  9. Slide Under Bag Load

( now reverse the order of the exercises two more times )



Enjoy The Workout!



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  • Tracey Middendorf

    Thank you Tati!!!

  • Tracey Middendorf

    I love how you said you intensified a move when you felt it was to easy; a good reminder to us that we do not have to advance to a move with out good form unless we are ready

  • lucyroy

    holy moly, crazy workout, I love love loved it, did 60/10 format, 3 x through, used my 35# sandbag, this was killer

  • Michelle_G

    Yay new workout. Christmas came early. Lol

    • LOL 🙂 We are filming another new one this week 😉 there will be a few more before Christmas 🙂

      • TessuCroft

        So awesome, thank you. Your workouts are the best. Going to do this one later this week. =D

        • TessuCroft

          Wow, this workout is really hard. Looks much easier on paper. I used 26 pounds weight which was completely enough for me, can not imagine what it would be like to do this with 40 pounds. =D My favourite exercise was the side plank push up combo, and the hardest one was the explosive push ups.

      • Tracey

        So awesome! I am getting ready for a lower body now with your Booty challenge and learning pull ups challenge. Tati, have you ever heard of Classicalstretch/essentrics? It is such an awesome way to warm up or cool down as it really focuses on joint health. The program can be as little as 10-20min to up to an hour. It has really helped me from having anymore knee or back problems. Posture focus is a big thing also with this program. You can see some samples on Youtube.

  • I did the first round with you to see if I could keep up. I think I did keep up with a 30lbs sandbag. 3 minute break after round 1, but kept the next break to just 2 minute. Thanks Tati!
    1. 16-16-16
    2. 11-11-11
    3. 7-6-4 (struggled with pulling the bag through with proper form.)
    4. 10-9-8
    5. 10-9-8
    6. 20-20-18
    7. 8-8-6
    8. 8-7-7
    9. 15-15-12.

  • Tracey

    I have a sandbag but used kitty litter in the little bags it came with. I just never get to Lowes to buy sand and i do not use sand bag much anyways as I love my kettlebells, but do you think i can use two 20lb Dumbbells cushioned in a pillow? Otherwise i keep putting sandbag workouts off.

  • Michelle_G

    Loved this one. Absolutely brutal! I used a 30lb SB. My scores are as follows. Almost quit after 2 rounds. This was the hardest workout I have done in quite a while. Thank you so much tati. Helped me burn off the holiday treats. Haha
    Ex1 16/ 13/14
    Ex2 11/9/ 9
    Ex3 8/ 6/ 7
    Ex4 8/ 7/ 6.5
    Ex5 8/ 7/ 7
    Ex6 28/ 30/ 26 with kettlebell
    Ex7 8/ 7/ 7
    Ex8 9.5/ 10/ 8
    Ex9 16/ 17/ 18

    Definitely will be doing this again

  • I’ve done insanity and this was wayyyyyyyy harder.

  • john

    how many times a week?

  • john

    Also I have an issue with gaining weight is there anything you could recommend to help?

  • Lindsey Shepard

    wowzers! This had me feeling sick to my tummy by the end! Brutal but great workout. My 4 year old “did” the whole thing with me! With a 5lb weight too. She had fun working out with me 🙂

    • AHH that is so cute, your 4 year old works out with you! Freaking awesome!