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I’m Tati and I am the creator of Loving Fit. I am originally from Moscow, Russia.  I am an ex – professional figure skater and a Phase 2 Certified Master Trainer, that just means I can work with people who have special health needs, as well as seniors and kids. I am also a group fitness boxing instructor at Title Boxing Club. I think being a certified trainer Is just a title, nothing more, but what I do have is years of experience as an athlete, it really does take a lot of experience to become a great trainer and it’s always a constant learning process, which never stops. As a personal trainer, I am always reading and learning new stuff about fitness and I always keep an open mind, experimenting, always eager to know more.

Originally I started this site in 2011 to share my fitness journey, life experience and flow of creativity, but lately it’s been evolving into something more than just a health and fitness site. Because I’ve evolved as a human being and upgraded to the next best version of my self, I would love to share my personal perspective not only as a fitness coach but as a person who went through a tremendous amount of transformation in my character not only throughout my lifetime, but in the past 6 years.

My transformation wasn’t physical, all though there is some noticeable physical transformation if you look at my earlier videos. The struggle I went through in my past is not something I’ve ever shared publicly, and I’m not sure if I will for a while, because I don’t want to have people perceive me as a victim or project their own victimhood through my story. Perhaps someday I will share every part of my shadow in a memoir, but definitely not one of those tragic ones, my memoir is going to be something like the movie and a book Running with Scissors, tragic but with many notes of comedy, because I choose to look at my life from that perspective, rather than a position of a victim. 

For now in a few words I’m going to tell you that the person I knew even 10 years ago, is not recognizable to me anymore, it’s almost feels like a past life experience.  In my journey through this physical life, I went from a person who was very emotionally unstable, diagnosed as bipolar manic depressive and was scared to function outside of my own shell without medication, a person who was having daily panic attacks spending hours in the dark closet with anxiety, with complete lack of self love and self worth, no self esteem, unhappy on a full on path to self destruction waiting to die before 30.

I hated my self, I thought I was ugly, fat ( all though I was absurdly skinny ) and unworthy. This was me then… This is the person I used to be. This is the person who at one point decided to create a different perception of the world, made a decision to create a different life, made a descision to start thinking different thoughts, a person who was craving and got on a mission to transform into a self loving and caring, confident, happy, authentic and healthy human being, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. And this is the person I am today. Sometimes I cannot believe it looking back and thinking about who I used to be, I was told that people like me do not make it till 30, and if they do, they usually end up in a mental asylum or drug addicts. But, I am a living example that it is possible to come from the lowest point of self hate and self denial into the highest point of self love, self approval, complete acceptance and confidence. 

For the longest time I was trying to find my self, it’s wasn’t easy because in our day and age when you’re 35 ( which is what I am now, 2018 ) you’re already supposed to have it all figured out, have a career, have kids, have your shit together so to speak. But, my life has been a bit different, because it took me a long time to figure out that all those years I was in the process of healing, I needed to heal so I can finally figure out who I authentically am and what I’m doing on this planet.

There is so many things I felt I was great at, pretty much all my life I’ve had the jobs I loved ( except a very temporarily job in retail LOL, I’m not good at retail ). Every job besides for that I loved, it was always very active and for the past 15 years had to do with health and fitness, which I love. But, I also know there is something more to me than that, and then I received an message, it finally got through to me – “your struggle is your teaching”. I feel that I am absolutely an incredible fitness trainer, I can get people in the best shape of their life in the quickest funnest way, but I’ve discovered that besides for helping people get into the best shape, I help them gain self love, self confidence and spiritual awareness, not in a religious way, but in their own life path. That is what I want to do, I want to help others who were like me transform their self love, gain confidence, become healthy in all aspects of their life in a least resistance way.


“She who saves a single soul, saves the the universe”

~ Alice Through The Looking Glass


And that is the next level where I want to take this site. I started out mainly posting about health and fitness, thats always going to be part of my life. But now I want to share my perspective and experience through articles and videos about life’s deeper subjects, self awareness, self love, how to transform your confidence and how to become the best, most authentic version of your self and share it with the world. 

The fitness side of my blog is where getting in shape is about creative workout routines and having fun, nutrition is about simplicity and learning how to eat healthy and intuitively, where beauty is not only physical in appearance, but a combinations of both worlds, inner and outer combined as a whole, physical and spiritual. 

Most people look at getting in shape by going to the gym and spending dreadful hours lifting weights, running on the treadmill and counting calories – I think that is the old fashioned way ( but if you like that, that’s is cool as well, cause once a week I go to the gym just to switch things up, and because they have a Hip Thruster Machine there LOL ).  But, for the most part, I do things my way, the Loving Fit way. I would love to help people to get and stay in shape the Loving Fit way – where less is more, workouts are very fun, short and creative.  My workout routines focus on Proper Exercise Form.  Because of my background as an athlete, I have an eye for really good exercise form and I work on mine daily ( I’m definitely not perfect ).  Good Form and technique of each exercise is number one in any sport!  Loving Fit Workouts is a Sport, maybe I should start certifying other trainers and create a Loving Fit Certification ? HMM, that’s a definite thought for the future!


The Guy Who Used To Film my videos is Miguel, a 5th generation Circus Performer and a Cirque Du Soleil Artist. He is my greatest teacher in so many ways. 





My Life’s Philosophy and What You Can Expect From This Blog/Site


I believe this is the most important thing that I would like for everyone to know who is planning on reading me and being part of my blog.  Besides for Fitness and Nutrition, I am also very passionate about Spirituality ( not religious spirituality, self path kind of spirituality ) and you will notice this based on the articles I write and videos I share.  My goal in life, is not only help people to create balance and beautiful healthy bodies, but to help them create limitless abundant self love and to help them raise their self confidence. 

I believe, the truth of our existence here on planet earth has always been and always will be: We are here to evolve as a single individuals as well as a collective, helping each other every step of the way. Supporting each other, living each other up and sharing our gifts and our knowledge. We come as spirit,  to connect physical to spiritual. Awareness is Key to this connection. To create peace in our physical life, we have to connect to our higher perspective, our truth, our authenticity ( this is just an observation I’ve made in my life through my own filter of perspective, through my own prism )

The videos I share, exercise videos or Talkchology videos, they all come purely from my heart, my flow of creation and my personal experience.  

Other things which have to do with my life perspective, or we can call them spiritual perspective, I share them from my own non physical memories, they are not my chemical memories, they are the memories of my consciousness, my soul perspective so to speak, these memories come from my pre birth intention ( the intension of my soul prior to being born ), to which I’ve awakened within my physical existence in this life time.  That came to me when I was 28-29 years old, it was very shocking and unexpected to say at the least, 7 years later, I’m still figuring them things out. 

If you watch any of my Talkchology videos, I would like for you to know one thing: I never force anyone to believe the same things I believe, because I also trust that each individual can decide for them self which path to take in this life, and I always respect the beliefs of others. I consider my self to be just a tool, an instrument, a messenger, I am here to share information and to help people who might need it, if they need it. 

You might not agree with everything I write about or say in my Talkchology videos, but remember, this is your choice, take what you need and what serves you, throw away the rest. Simple :).  I also believe, we can all coexist in this world together without having to agree with each other on everything or always have the need to be right.

So, if you planning on following my blog, I would like to let you know ahead, that this blog will be about:  Health, and not just physical, mental, spiritual and emotional as well. Working out, there is about 280 workout videos, so enjoy all of them for free.  Simple Nutrition, the way I see it. Spirituality ( not religious, self awareness kind of spirituality ) , Love and Life, all mixed in together.


If you’re here just for FITNESS or Want To Hire Me as A Personal Trainer



IF YOU LIVE IN ORLANDO, FL AREA, YOU CAN ALWAYS HIRE ME AS A Personal TRAINER. All you have to do is send me an email with a subject line ” Personal Training ” @  TatianaKarmanova@hotmail.com 

I train people at the comfort of their own home or gym, your choice. We will sit down, discuss your personal goals and ways of how I can take you there. All workouts will be tailored to your personal needs and to you as an individual. 

I also do online training and consultation through Skype. All sessions will be online person to person.



Here on the Website Training, Where to start 

The first thing you should definitely check out on the site is Creating Your Workout Plan post.  After you do that you will have an idea of how you can use the site and create your own plan to fit your needs and fitness level.  All the workouts on the site have a separate section.  Lower Body Workouts, Upper Body Workouts, Full Body Workouts, Just Abs, Real Time Cardio.  I also have a section for Challenges.  In this section you can pic an exercise challenge that usually lasts from 1 week to 1 month.  This is something if you want to push your self a little extra.


How do you come up with your workouts?

I use a method I call Unit Training Fitness ( I came up with this style of training ), because the body always functions and develops as a unit, not part by part.  I’ve learned this method from being a figure skater, as well as working as an aerial artist. If you take a look at the bodies of dancers and acrobats, you will notice that they are always in an amazing shape, this is because they use their bodies as a unit, that works muscles differently, vs just lifting weights the traditional way. If the body functions as one, then why should we train it part by part as the old fashioned way bodybuilding way suggest?  All though, the old fashioned methods of bodybuilding do work, but to my opinion they are more functional for fitness competitions, not so much real life. You can read more about my method Here.


Can beginners do these workouts?

Yes, anyone can do these workouts.  At first you have to modify the exercises until you achieved more strength.  I recently started to explain all of the exercises and beginner modifications in all of my videos.


Are your workouts for women or men can do them as well?

My workouts are for anyone who wants to get and stay fit.  My husband at times is having a hard time with these routines and he is an acrobat!


When can I start seeing results with your workouts?

After starting my workouts you should expect to notice a difference within  a week, but you order to see that difference you have to use the proper form in every exercise.  If the form of the exercise suffers, the results will not manifest.

It is also very important to follow a good Nutrition Plan, because our that is 80% of our working out effort.  In my Nutrition Facts section you can find information you need about good nutrition and foods that are most nutrient dense.  You can also check out My List Of Top Weight Loss And Health Tips, to learn my favorite tips for weight loss.


How many times a week should I workout?

If you are trying to lose weight and get in shape, then I would recommend you train 5 days a week.  If you are already in shape and just trying to maintain then 3 to 4 days a week is enough.


Some of your routines are under 20 minutes, is that enough?

When that is the case I recommend adding an additional 10 to 20 minutes of moderate cardio, such jump rope, you can also go for a brisk walk up the hill or simple selection of bodyweight exercises will be great.  The reason I recommend that is because our body begins to burn body fat after about 15 – 20 minutes of intense training, by adding an additional cardio you are keeping your body in a fat burning state.  If you workout under 30 minutes a day, you can’t expect dramatic change, so that additional cardio will create that difference.


Do I need equipment to follow your routines?

You do not have to have any equipment to follow my workouts.  You can get creative with things around the house and make your own, I did this for a very long time until I was able to purchase some equipment.  I use:

  • Gymboss Timer
  • pair of  dumbbells
  • 8 and 12 lbs medicine ball ( which I found for under 10 dollars )
  • jump rope ( you can make one out of a regular rope laying around the house )
  • balance ball ( you can find one at a very low price )
  • Leber Equilizer which is the most versatile piece of equipment I ever found ( and you can substitute that with two chairs and a broom stick, how I show you here.
  • Pull-Up bar
  • A Sandbag ( but you can make your own )

And of course my own bodyweight.  I  use challenging bodyweight exercises to work as many muscles in the body as possible at once, to burn more calories and create lean muscles all over. I always come up with new exercises and I will keep on doing that to keep the fun in my workouts.

I am planning to add more cool equipment if I find any, if you can recommend something, that would be greatly appreciated.


How about a Nutrition Plan?

I follow a very simple nutritional approach.  No counting calories and no processed foods or refined sugar ( only once in a while if you are really craving it ) and no artificial sweeteners.  You can read My Complete Guide To Nutrition to get more details.  I also keep an open mind and try out new things from time to time.  Right now I’m really loving the method of Intermittent Fasting.  But, I only follow it once in a while.  It works for me, but I know for a fact it’s not for everyone.


Do you take supplements?

At the moment the only thing I take is a multivitamin, hair skin nails supplement, L-carnitine ( which helps promote energy metabolism and lean muscle, you can read more about in here ).  I do not take Whey Protein, instead I prefer bone broth collagen protein. You can make one your self at home, but honestly that takes too much time, so I purchase one in either liquid from my local vitamin shoppe or grocery store or powdered form from here.  The reason I love bone broth so much it’s because it supplies collagen to my teeth, bones, skin, hair and nails. Whey protein or other protein powder only supplies protein, and its personally that kind of protein is very questionable to me. You will find some articles where I review whey protein, and all though I found it useful at the time, overall I prefer things in their natural state. Thats why bone broth protein is best in my opinion.


 What can I do to help support LovingFit?

You can Like my page on Facebook, or Instagram , subscribe to my Youtube Channel.  I also have a profile on Russian social site VK.com/Tatiannamania. My blog is free, but you can press share my blog posts with your friends to help spread the word about all the info I share.

If you want to support LovingFit further, you can purchase and download my guided meditation created to help you bring more abundance into your life, as well as integrate all parts of your self which you might be suppressing, such as your shadow side, most people are used to suppressing things they don’t accept about them self.  I’ve created and recorded this meditation my self, I channeled this information through my personal soul flow of creation. I have been wanting to create a guided meditation for quite sometime now, and finally I’ve made that into a reality. I’ve created this meditation in two languages, English Version and Russian Version.

This meditation is meant to create a full integration of your conscious and subconscious mind, your light and your shadow side, as well as open a stream of creation, abundance and natural love into your life. 

My personal belief, if only only we integrate our shadow and our light, our black and our white, we enter a true path of transformation and abundance in all parts of our physical life, and integration is an entity of it’s own and exists beyond our dual existence.

You can do this meditation every day or whenever you feel like intuitively. It is about 20 minutes long.

Headphones Required for the effect of Binaural Theta Waves.


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