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Best weight loss tips


I think everyone I know loves great weight loss tips and always wants to know more.  The thing is, even if we are not on a diet, we still have to try to keep the weight and health that we have,  and extend our genetics to their full potential.  I’ve been wanting to put together some of the best weight loss and health tips for a while now, and these are the top favorites of mine.


Drink Iced Water with Lemon

Water alone detoxifies the body. When you consume iced water, your body has the need to warm up, and it uses energy to do so.
Lemons contain ascorbic acid, which helps your liver to metabolize fat more efficiently.


Eat Organic Eggs

Eggs contain a great sours of leucine, which supports muscle growth and repair during exercise. Eggs also contain all of the essential amino acids. According to my Fitness Study Guide, it is also a much higher in value as a protein, than steak.

Huge Tip: When you buy organic eggs, they don’t contain any hormones or antibiotics, and the chickens eat grass, run free and get sunshine as they suppose to. They also taste different and much better than conventional eggs.
When you are buying conventional eggs, the chickens are raced in a barn with no sunlight or proper diet. They are suffering and dying all the time, and contaminating the rest of the chickens, which eggs you are eating. If you are eating eggs from unhealthy chickens, you might think you are paying less money, but you will be paying for it with your health later on. Watch Food Inc documentary, and many others that show you the proof of these facts and the horrifying secrets of Agriculture in our world.


Eat your dinner 4- 5 hours before bedtime

This is a very proven method for me, I’ve used this method anytime I wanted to slim down. I’ve read somewhere a long time ago, that it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t eat at night, calories in calories out. That is a total false. I’ve proven that to my self, over and over again. If I don’t eat at night, I loose weight, no matter what I ate during the day.


Skip on anything that’s Sugar Free or Fat Free

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” – I think everyone should know that by now. If it sugar free, or fat free, it means that it’s highly processed. Anything that’s processed will make your liver work a lot harder at metabolizing fat. In the the long run, it does way more harm than good ( it doesn’t do any good at all actually ). Just remember – if it’s free, don’t take it.


Drink at least 4 cups of decaffeinated green tea a day

Green has a lot of interesting benefits. One of them is that it helps to prevent your body from absorbing fat from food. Green tea contains an antioxidant called ECCG which also has the ability to reduce, free radicals in the body.
I do prefer Yerba Mate, vs the regular green tea, because it has even amount’s of antioxidants, but it does have caffeine, and drinking too much caffeine is not so good for the heart. So, I just drink one cup of Yerba Mate per day, and the rest of the day I drink decaffeinated green tea.


Add Cinnamon to your diet every day

Cinnamon has a lot of health benefits besides for weight loss. The reason it helps with weight loss, because of it’s ability to prevent insulin spikes. ( Timothy Ferriss book 4 hour body makes a huge note on this tip ). If you are eating foods that have an effect on blood sugar, add cinnamon to your tea or coffee before the meal.
Make sure you get the real cinnamon, which is ( Ceylon cinnamon, NOT Cassia cinnamon which is actually dangerous in high doses ). Real cinnamon stick should be light brown, thin and soft, sweet. Cassia cinnamon sticks are dark brown, thick and hard, harsh to touch, and has a flat taste.


Read a book by Timothy Ferris

This book is like a holy grail of unconventional nutrition and muscle gain approach. It’s probably one of the best advice I’ve ever read. His methods are controversial, but he is a scientist way ahead of his time. This guy, can teach you how to gain 30 lb.’s of muscle in 30 days, and that’s not all. He also teaches you how you can eat junk food once in a while, and still loose body fat ( not that I recommend junk food, but it’s always good to keep an open mind ). I’ve noticed so many people using his methods, and all of them say – It works. ( I am not an affiliated with his book in any way, I just think it’s great and I recommend it for everyone to read it ).


Read Marks’ Daily Apple Blog

I’ve started reading Mark’s Daily Apple blog a few month’s ago. It took me a little while and a lot of common sense to understand his diet approach. As much as I would like to hold on to my old ways I opened up my mind and started changing my diet.
He writes not only about weight loss, but health, life, fitness, he also gives amazing recipes and it is always in so much of detailed information. It’s one of the best health blog’s I’ve stumbled on.


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