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My workouts


I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my workout routines, and I wanted to go into some details of what my workouts are all about.

First things first, I had a lot of requests to post much easier workouts, because several people mentioned that these workouts are too hard. Then I ask them, have you tried it? Every exercise can be modified to your fitness level, I explain all of the modifications to every exercise you can do in the ” Notes “ section. The answers I get are always pretty much the same ” I can’t it’s too hard for me “,  I want something easier to follow.


This is how I look at it: What is fitness? Fitness is about pushing your self through limited beliefs, to achieve strength in our mind, while building the strength in our body.  And if you want to change your lifestyle and be fit, you have to adopt a new belief system.  This is what my workouts are about.

Some of my friends always tell me, ” It’s easy for you to do these workouts because you are very fit “. But I am here to tell you NO, it’s not easy for me. I have to push my self and it’s hard every time.  If it was easy, then everyone would be able to do it. It’s not easy for anyone and it’s not suppose to be.  If you want an easy workout, then why workout at all?  Just purchase one of those devices that attaches to your body and supposedly works your muscles while you’re laying down.
If you are serious about getting fit, then you have to work for it, it doesn’t have to be painful but you have to step out of your comfort zone.  Just give this a try, and you will see how much you can achieve, it’s a lot more than you thought you ever could!


How I put together my workouts


My main objective is to work with the body as a whole unit, instead of working different parts every day. I do place focus on specific body parts more than others every workout, but it is always done with a whole body as a unit where the power always comes from your core and abs ( I use abs in every exercise I do, this way I don’t’ have to do boring crunches ).

If you take a look at the bodies of dancers and acrobats, you will notice that they are always in an amazing shape, this is because they use their bodies as a unit, that works muscles differently, vs just lifting weights the traditional way ( unless you are a bodybuilder, they always work on different body parts trying to achieve a specific look ). But since I just like to have lean and toned look all over without getting bulky muscles, these type of workouts are perfect.

The best part about these types of workouts is that they move the body in a dynamic ways ( the way it’s suppose to move ). When you use machines to workout, the movements are very limited to the body, so the results are different as well ( this is my personal experience, I never liked how I looked when I worked out with machines, it always gave me squared muscles and in my opinion it didn’t look feminine ).

But not to say a guy can’t do my workouts, because you can always combine traditional weigh lifting and these types of workouts together.


My new recent approach


As you noticed my workouts are about 18 – 30 minutes long, sometimes a little more. And this is enough if you are trying to change your body shape, and you are really pushing through your maximum effort.

But if you want to maximize fat loss and create an even bigger change in your body, I would recommend doing 8 – 10 minutes of Interval Training ( 10 seconds rest, 25 seconds maximum effort, and only 3 exercises ) in the morning before breakfast. The exercises don’t have to be as intense as your actual workout ( because you don’t want to overwork your body ), but enough for you to break a sweat. I noticed that creates an over all greater results.

After your workout, consume just a whey isolate protein shake to fuel your muscles right away ( regular food takes hours to enter the blood stream, whey isolate fuels your muscles right away ). Then an hour or so later you can have your actual breakfast.

On the last note, as you already know I don’t like to count calories but I do follow a nutritional approach. You have to fuel your body the right way to create the benefits you desire, and the most important thing of our nutrition , is water. If you don’t drink enough water throughout your day, before your workouts or after your workouts, then your efforts will be useless. Because without enough water your muscles cannot grow efficiently.


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