The Critical Importance Of The Proper Exercise Form

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Proper Exercise Form


Hello My Lovies,

I decided to update this post just a little and really drill it into your mind – PROPER FORM IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THEN SPEED!

Proper form of every exercise is the first step to building a fitness foundation, especially for beginners. If you learn good habits from the start  will succeed at a much greater speed and you will see results almost immediately. Proper form of every exercise  is the key to training success.

Let’s say you are going to be doing 20 slow controlled deep squats, where your core, your back and every muscle in your body is engaged to it’s full potential, recruiting more muscle fibers, it is a lot harder then it may seem to perform every single rep in that perfect form.  The more proper your form is, the more effective your workout will be and the faster your body will transform.

Let’s say you try out with a beginner workout in a routine where the intensity level is 3 on the scale from 1 – 5.   Now try to do every rep, every set in a proper form, that alone will make it to become a 5. For example take a gymnast and an acrobat, or a dancer, to them keeping form is like second nature, they learn it since childhood, that is why they are always in impeccable shape and have a lot of strength.  Being a figure skater for many years has taught me to hold my form, it was the first thing we learned when we trained.  I know this might seem a little harsh, but my skating teacher use to hold a stick in her hand, and when someone had a a terrible form she use to hit us with that stick, it was painful but that’s what made great athletes in Russia.  Nobody wanted to get hit with a stick, that’s how we knew not to loose the proper form.

Athletes cannot perform to their full potential without learning the techniques first,  because their bodies cannot do the things that they can do without learning these techniques.  Working out is just like that, you have to be fluid with every move and channel your inner athlete.  Then, once you master the proper form start adding reps and intervals and that will blast your workout.  It is also a key to preventing injury.  Many injuries in training happened because of the work overload and not being able to maintain the proper form.

Before each work out you do, practice doing every exercise in a proper form.  During your actual workout, stay in that form.   It is the quality of the exercise that makes a huge difference in training.  The main foundation of the proper form is your core (abs) and your back. Always keep your back straight and your abs engaged in any exercise that you do.   Once you master your core and back,  the rest of your body will follow.

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