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During the colder weather here in the sunny Florida, I really enjoy doing my workouts outside, especially running, I absolutely love High Intensity Interval running, because that is the kind of running that activates your fast twitch muscle fibers ( If you do it with ankle weights and uphill ). I feel absolutely amazing when Im running through a cooler breeze while listening to positive affirmation videos. I skip on cardio most of the year, because HIIT running is the only cardio I enjoy, now it’s also boxing.
I keep my cardio running sessions very short and extremely intense ( think almost VO2 Max ), the reason for that is because I notice more muscle definition this way, where in long distance running or light running in general I notice a good reduction in fat but also in muscle definition.

I keep it very basic, 2-3 HIIT intervals of 4-5 minutes long in total, 2 minute rest in between. Then I finish off with some additional bodyweight exercises and a resistance band. You can always vary the intervals to keep it fun, you can also use the Fartlek method. I suggest using ankle weights, this will add force and resistance to the workout which is what will activate fast twitch muscle fibers. If you can find hills instead of running on a flat surface, thats even better, hills will add even more force and more fast twitch muscle fiber activation.
All you need for this workout is a interval timer, a heavy duty resistance band ( I use 20-45 lbs in strength ) and a set of ankle weights ( you can use anywhere between 5-10 lbs ).


The Workout:



Set your timer for 2 intervals of 30 second each, for the total of 5 rounds. First interval of 30 seconds you are going to Speed Walk ( not too crazy, because you want to have enough power and strength left to give your MAX during your interval sessions) , second interval you are going to do Very Light Sprinting ( pushing off your heels to activate your glutes ).


First HIIT Interval

The first interval needs to be the most intense, thats why the intervals should not exceed 35 seconds, unless you are extremely advanced runner. Trust me, at the level of intensity that you need to perform this sort of running, you will not be able to sustain longer than 25-35 seconds, before your body will force you to drop the intensity.

I keep my first interval at about 20-25 seconds, with the recovery interval of 15-20 seconds.
So set your timer for 2 intervals, the first is going to be your rest interval ( 15-20 seconds ), the second interval is gong to be your max interval 20-25 seconds, for the total of 8 rounds.


Tip on How to Run to get the most of this workout:


THE RUNNING NEEDS TO BE EXTREMELY INTENSE. The running must be so intense that by the end of the interval you are having a very hard time keeping up with your breath. Push off the ground with your heels so hard that your driving force comes from your glutes, legs and abs.This is a specific technique of running, not your average running flat surface running. Keep your very abs tight, you will absolutely need to do this otherwise such intense running can place a strain on your back. You will feel how sore your abs are the next day. Intensity and correct form is key to getting a full benefit of this workout and to prevent back injury.


After all of your 8 rounds, take at least 2-3 full minutes break.


The second interval session can have a lower intensity than the first one, but still quite challenging ( about 80% of your max ). For this I usually pick longer recovery periods. Set your timer for 2 intervals of 35-40 seconds recovery, and 30-35 seconds MAX effort. For the total of 6-8 rounds.
While in recovery interval, make sure you move a little, but not too much, recovery is a preparation for the next interval, so never just stop moving.


After completing all of your rounds, take another 2-3 full minutes break.


If you decide you’re still strong enough to make it through the 3rd interval session ( only do the 3rd interval session if you know for sure, you’re gonna have some energy left for some bodyweight exercises after ), if not stick to only 2 interval sessions.
In the 3rd round you can lower your MAX intervals to 20 seconds, and raise your recovery intervals 45-50 seconds. This longer recovery interval will give you a good enough time to recover where you can still push pretty hard during the 20 second max.


Koral Leggings

After you’ve completed your HIIT running interval sessions, now its time to move on to some to some bodyweight exercises.

I do 300-500 of slow walking lunges, activating the glutes each time on the way up, usually with a resistance band. You can also change things up with side walking lunges, or side step squats, make sure you keep the movements slow and controlled while activating your glutes and keeping your core tight ( you can use different types of resistance depending on your fitness level ). Adding these at the end of each HIIT running session, give nice definition to your legs and booty.


Stay Healthy, Prosperous and Enjoy your training!




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