The Sexy Spartacus Workout

Aug 27, 2011 by

Today I did one of my recent favorite workouts that I found by an accident. It was tough and I had to rough it out, you have no Idea the relief I felt after completing it. This is the famous ” Spartacus Workout “. I changed a couple of things to make it fit me more, I also did this workout last week, but I was using weights in the exercises that I didn’t use today. I am posting my scores at the bottom of the post.
This workout is about 32 minutes long and has 10 exercises and it will target all of the muscles in your body, you might not even remember your own name after you’re done :).

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About My Workouts

Aug 26, 2011 by

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my workout routines, and I wanted to go into some details of what my workouts are all about.

First things first, I had a lot of requests to post much easier workouts, because several people mentioned that these workouts are too hard. Then I ask them, have you tried it? Every exercise can be modified to your fitness level, I explain all of the modifications to every exercise you can do in the ” Notes ” section. The answers I get are always pretty much the same ” I can’t it’s too hard for me “, I want something easier to follow.

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The ABSolute Workout

Aug 25, 2011 by

Today’s workout was another full body workout, with especial focus on legs, glutes and abs ( ;) as always ). The intervals I used in this workout were much longer than I usually use, and trust me 15 seconds of extra maximum work, will give you that extra burn you need. This workout is 27 minutes long ( including the 2 minutes break ) . I will be sharing my scores :) as always at the bottom of the post.

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Protein Rice Milk Recipe

Aug 23, 2011 by

Yesterday I got this idea that popped into my head, can I make a nutritious rice milk that has protein in it? Sometimes it’s good to give your self a variety of different milk to drink. As soon as I got the idea I had to give it a try. I’m glad that I try these things first so I can save you from a lot of mess ;).

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20 Fun Facts About Me

Aug 22, 2011 by

I wanted to write a little list post, so everyone who reads my blog can get to know me a bit more. At first I was thinking about making a video, but I think I am a little too shy to do that yet, and I am not sure if I can talk about my self to a camera. In this post I wanted to describe things that I love and are a huge part of my personality.

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Buckwheat – A Very Nutri...

Aug 22, 2011 by

Buckwheat is at the top of my ” The Most Nutritious Foods List “. In Russia we eat buckwheat the same way Americans drink Pepsi, it’s part of our traditional cuisine. I am not sure why they call it Buckwheat here in US, because it has nothing to do with wheat a all. It is a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb.
Buckwheat has many different health benefits, and it is great for people who are sensitive to gluten.
But what I am really impressed about it the nutritional profile of buckwheat.

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Know Your InGREEDients

Aug 21, 2011 by

A lot of people have a misconceptions about health foods. If you walk through a supermarket, you will notice a lot of different foods that are marked healthy, or disease fighting. As consumers most of us trust into our labels, and we purchase the food that we think is good for us. I also noticed that most people rely a lot on FDA, which regulates what kind of produce and ingredients are considered safe ( by them ). Unless you do some really good digging around, you won’t know that FDA is allowing 14,000 additives that are on the market today, to be placed into almost every food that is made today. Do you think the FDA know’s what those additives are doing to your body?

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Work It For A Six Pack Abs Wor...

Aug 19, 2011 by

Today’s workout was super fun, I was really exited to do it :). I got really sore from yesterdays workout, but I also know to help your muscles recover faster it’s great to keep moving.
This was a whole body workout. I am so amazed that with only few great exercises you can target every muscle in your body. The more muscles we target during each workout, the faster our metabolism and our whole system works.
I posted my scores at the bottom of the post.

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