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Upper Body Workout


Hello my Darlings!!!

I have a new upper body workout!!! It’s more like a challenge because it’s very mentally challenging. I’m gonna warn you, it’s gonna look easy, but trust me it’s not!!! The first part looked more intimidating to me than the second part, but in reality the second part was the one to beat me with a stick!!!

I hope you guys are doing great with your sugar challenge, there is only few more days left and then you can have a cookie or two :).

Before you begin the workout always remember to do a good warm-up and practice the proper form in the mirror!!!



Workout Explanation


All you need for this workout is your timer and a Pull-Up bar.  If you don’t have a pull-up bar I hope you have a door :), in the workout recap part of the video I show you a variation you can do without the bar.

This workout is divided into 2 parts, both part are a circuit and are done for the Proper Form and time.


Part one

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There is only 2 exercises and you will perform them as a sequence for the total of 10 rounds.


  • 3 Pull-Ups ( assisted on the way up, unassisted on the way down )
  • 3 Dive Bombers & a Mini Push


Part 2

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There are 10 more rounds of 2 cool exercises.


  • Oblique Climber Jump – 10 reps ( watch the workout recap for proper explanation of this exercise )
  • Crab – 10 reps


My time

First part 9 min 2 sec. Second part 11 min 24 sec.


The magic food that I was talking about in the video is Mulberry.  I have an article called ” Mulberry An Energy Boosting Superfood “.  Seriously, it’s amazing before a workout ( 30 – 40 min ).  Every single time I eat a handful before my workout I grow wings and the energy it gives is very clean and pure.  I so recommend this!


PS – I aways get a lot of questions where I get my tights, I got them on ebay.

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