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Hello my Darlings,

Yesterday I got a question from Beth if I do anything different with my Nutrition in the Summer and a request to share some tips. I thought it was a great idea ( thanks Beth ).

My nutrition is definitely different in the summer because I always try to take advantage with the variety of fruit that summer has to offer. I am a fruit lover it’s seriously a bit passion of mine. I will cut out coffee and chocolate out of my life but never ever ask me to cut out fruit, I’d have a freak out! My fruits of choice for the summer is watermelon, cherries and organic raspberries. I eat them pretty much every single day.

Since it’s always so hot I lose a lot of my appetite and I barely eat starchy carbs. But I always make sure I eat some kind of protein at every meal and also some kind of leafy greens. In the past several month’s I’ve absolutely fell in love with arugula, I’ve been eating a salad with arugula 3 times a day because I love it so much. I think it’s the most delicious leafy green ever!!!


This is what my usual summer day of eating looks like:


Morning – 1 glass of iced water right after I wake up

1 cup of black coffee ( I hate sweet coffee )

Breakfasthomemade granola or a cliff bar ( but I only eat that if I workout )

If I don’t workout for that day I just have 2 boiled eggs and some cherries or watermelon.

I have lunch right after my workout. I always have a big salad which is always pretty much the same: 2 handfuls of arugula, 1 handful of spinach, 1 tomato, 1 organic apple, raspberries, large chicken breast, I use almond oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing. ( I never take skin off my chicken, It’s my favorite thing in the world since I was a child )

Snack – Raw Almonds, 1- 2 boiled eggs, cherries or watermelon

Dinner – Large salad with 2 handfuls of arugula, 1 handful of spinach, red peppers, green onions, baked yams, large chicken breast or a packet of tuna. For dessert 🙂 – you guessed it a watermelon or cherries. I eat my dinner early because I like to snack on almonds later.

I don’t eat 4-5 hours before bed time. I’ve slipped a few times and ate later and I hate how I feel in the morning, and I look puffy.

In the Summer we get dehydrated the most so I drink iced water all day long, at least 8 glasses a day.

About an hour before bedtime I have a cup of hot tea ( unsweetened of course ).




PS – Guys, I had some problems with the site earlier and I noticed some of my comments got deleted, so if any of your comments got deleted I didn’t do it. I had to pull the site from an earlier back up.


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