Killer Six Pack Workout

Oct 8, 2011 by

Today’s workout was focused on all of the abs muscles. I added a great amount of cardio into it and overall this was a very challenging workout. I originally set out to do 5 rounds of this routine, but by the forth round I was done and my body was aching, maybe because I was quite sore from yesterdays ” Surfer Booty Lift Workout “. Next time I am definitely going to push for the full 5 rounds.

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Surfer Booty Lift Workout

Oct 6, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a complete torture. When I was done, the back of my back side was in shock! I combined 4 exercises to target the same muscle groups. In this routine I mainly focused on booty and thighs, the legs also got a great burn. I found this new exercise that I’ve never done before and I really enjoyed it, so I am going to incorporate this exercise more often.

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Show Your Abs Workout

Oct 4, 2011 by

Today’s workout left my abs extremely sore, and it’s very rare I get my abs sore, so get ready for this one! This workout also incorporates great cardio which uses full body movements ( and cardio is a must if you want your abs to show ).

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Russian Recipe Pumpkin Dessert

Oct 2, 2011 by

The other day I was talking to my friend and she recommended I try her grandmother’s recipe. There is only a few ingredients and you won’t be slaving by the stove all day ( my kind of recipe ;), it is very simple to make and it’s wont spoil your healthy eating. The only hard time I was having is taking the skin off the pumpkin and then shredding it, which made a mess, but end result was totally worth it.

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Tip Top Booty Workout

Oct 1, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a mix of Interval Training which focused on the booty, and little time challenge at the end which focused on the abs. It was a very short workout, a little under 20 minutes. I try to workout every other day instead of every day, this way my body get’s to recover. But sometimes on the off days I enjoy some jump rope skipping just to help my body recover faster, it’s active resting.

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400 Reps Let’s Go!

Sep 29, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a lot of fun and I went through it without taking any breaks between rounds. This type of workout I call ” The Sneak Upon You Later Workout “, it seems fairly easy to do cause I kept the reps pretty low ( this way you don’t hit failure ), but you will be very very sore about 2 hours after completing this workout. I was using my 8 lb medicine ball, but you can also use a dumbbell. This workout is a cardio mixed with upper body resistance, legs & buns, and of course 🙂 abs. I will share my time at the end of the post.

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More Beauty Secrets – Oa...

Sep 28, 2011 by

As I promised you in one of my earlier My Beauty Secrets post, I was going to share more of my beauty secrets with you over time ( and I have a lot ). In Russia most women still use only natural face masks because they work! Today I wanted to share some beauty secrets regarding oatmeal. Oatmeal has been used in beauty scrubs, face washes and skin creams for years, but I prefer to use it in it’s natural form. It is one of the best natural skin exfoliants and regular use of oatmeal as a face wash wilt help your face to rid of blackheads, pimples, skin irritations and early wrinkles and also even out your skin tone ( this is my own personal experience ).

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Bam Bomber Workout

Sep 27, 2011 by

I am back with a new workout! Since it’s bee a week since I’ve worked out, I thought a great butt kicking cardio as well as some mix of resistance is exactly what I needed for my first workout back. This workout is a circuit and there is only 2 rounds, but don’t get too relaxed because by the end of the first round you will catching your breath. Besides a great cardio, this routine includes toning for the legs, butt, abs and a little bit of arms. The exercise that I picked for the upper body resistance is very challenging, and it’s one of my favorite exercises for toning shoulders and triceps.

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