Limbo Bimbo Workout – Upper Body

May 10, 2012 by

Upper Body Workout


Hi everyone,

Hope you are ready for another upper body workout routine :). This workout wasn’t very long but it will give you a great burn. After this workout I did an Ab routine and 10 minutes of light skipping.

Thank you very much guys for all of your feedback on video format, I am now sure everyone is on the same page and we all want edited workouts! We tried to shoot outside but it started to rain pretty bad so we just stayed inside, next week I’m hoping to get back to the park.

I also want to thank you guys for your kind words of support, I am so lucky to have you guys and every morning when I wake up and read your comments it makes me smile from my heart up :), thank you for that guys :).

Now let’s have a warm-up, practice good exercise form and get to the workout!!



Workout Explanations


In this routine I was using my new Gymboss timer, my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems and a pair of 20 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ). If you don’t have a bag like mine you can easily make one, I have a post ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget “, give that a looks and you can make a bag like mine.

This routine was made up of 2 parts and both parts were a circuits were proper form time challenge. That means even though it’s a time challenge you still have to watch your form first, then you can worry about your time.


Part 1

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There is only one combo in this part and you will repeat this combo for the total of 15 rounds.

  • 3 bear push-ups & 3 bag pick extensions ( that counts as one rep )


Part 2

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There are 4 exercises and you will repeat them for the total of 3 rounds.

  • Side Triceps Kicks – 15 reps
  • Crab 2 Side Plank Lift – 20 reps
  • Shoulder Press Circles – 15 reps
  • Crown Lift – 15 reps


My time

Part 1 – 6 min 47 sec

Part 2 – 15 min 32 sec


Have a wonderful workout!


PS – Guys, there seems to be a problem with viewing some of the old videos on the site, I am trying to figure out exactly whats wrong, for now I am slowly going over all of the old posts and attaching the links so you can watch the videos on YouTube.  Some of those links are at the bottom of the posts and some of them are right below the video.

I wanted to say thank you to Ellen for letting me know. 



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