Les Mills BodyPump Is Now An A...

Jan 23, 2012 by

If you’re already scratching your head thinking how is this possible, you’re not alone. The Les Mills BodyPump classes taught all over the world in gyms and fitness centers by trained instructors has just gone mainstream. By mainstream, I mean they have packaged this great group fitness style program into an in home DVD version that is aptly named Les Mills PUMP!

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Cardio & Upper Body Circu...

Jan 21, 2012 by

I have a fun new workout for you today :) it was a circuit combination of upper body and cardio. It was pretty hard to shoot outside because of so many distractions, but the fresh air is amazing. At first I wasn’t even going to bother with editing of the video because it was so noisy outside, but then one of my readers on Facebook told me I still should edit the video cause she wanted to see the workout. So I did, watch it at your own risk LOL!

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Abs Climber Uncut Routine

Jan 18, 2012 by

So today I finally recorded my first UNCUT Abs Routine that I promised from two weeks ago. My knee injury set me back a week, but now I can finally start catching up with all the videos I would like to make. This abs routine is an intermediate level, if you want to make it more advanced then you can increase the amount of reps from 5-10 extra. If you want to make it more beginner then you reduce the amount of reps by 5. You can follow me rep by rep and the whole routine will take about 8 minutes.

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Modern Ideas Of Beauty

Jan 17, 2012 by

The other day I found the picture above by a complete accident, I still don’t know who the author of that picture so if you know who it is, please tell me so I can give them credit. This pic started an enormous amount of thinking on my part, something inside of me just shifted. Seriously look at it! When did we become so blind? I completely understand that with every generation things change, such as style, ideas and taste, but c’mon when did skin and bones became attractive and stylish, ohh ok I remember the 90s ( LOL ).

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Fireball Workout!

Jan 14, 2012 by

Today’s workout is a follow up to yesterdays ” Tomboy Workout “, and it’s a lower body routine. Let me just begin by telling you that after I took my break I feel so much stronger and I can push my self so much harder, and I am exited to workout overall. So listen to my advice and take a break from training every 6 weeks.

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Tomboy Workout

Jan 13, 2012 by

As you have already noticed I’ve been gone for a little while, and if you add me as a friend on Facebook you can always get the latest updates. Right after the New Year I was taking my well deserved 1 week off training, because if you read my post ” How To Train For Best Results ” you know why I take a week off every six weeks. Since my knee is pretty much healed I decided to start this training cycle with an upper body circuit workout.

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How To Reach Your Goals And Th...

Jan 10, 2012 by

The other day I got a question from one of my subscribers about goals. What she wanted to know is how to gather her thoughts using meditation or how ho reach her goals in general. Since I couldn’t answer such complicated question with just a few sentences I wanted to make a video about it in Russian, and not to make my English speaking readers left out, I wanted to also write about it on my blog. What I want to share with you is what really helps me in my life and I hope if can help others as well.

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My Full Home Gym Video

Jan 6, 2012 by

I’ve been wanting to make a video like this for a while cause ever since I wrote a post about some of my home workout equipments, I got a lot more things. I don’t use a lot of these things in my workout videos because I don’t want to make things complicated for people who follow my workouts, but I would like to give you an idea of how creative you can get so you will never be bored of working out. I always try to be creative with my workouts, and I want to collect a lot of cool gear for my home gym

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