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Lower Body Workout


Hello My Lovies,

Another Lower Body Workout is coming your way! For some reason I’ve felt quite sore before I even started this routine and 2 hours after I was done, I felt my muscles being sore all the way up my ears! This routine was broken down into 2 parts, the first part took me 6 minutes and 44 seconds to complete, and second part took me 19 minutes 34 seconds.

This one was a lot of fun and I was exited to use my cool new toy :), if you follow meĀ on Facebook you already know what it is. It is my baby blue sandbag :). My versafit bag has already started to wear down and I was looking to get a sandbag, and just as I was about to get one, I got a letter from Alexander the owner of a Ukrainian fitness equipment company , and he offered to send it to me as a gift. When I saw that it was baby blue I was screaming with happiness cause baby blue is my favorite color. He also sent me functional dynamic loops and I’ve already been having some fun with them, love it!

What I loved about my VersaFit bag is the design of it, I love that the weight falls to the front, but I didn’t like that the weight wasn’t adjustable, and the bag it self started to rip a bit. So if you like the design of VersaFit, I recommend you making it your self instead of buying it ( I have a post about making your own versa fit bag ) . The sandbag has a lot of handles which I love and it’s adjustable, and it’s baby blue.

Now, it is a bit tricky because you have to be very careful with you use the sandbag. The other day Vanessa shared a link with us in the comment section, it was a video o f” The Way Not To Squat “, this video is gonna save a lot of backs so please watch it.

I would like to thank Vanessa for this video, because we want everyone to be safe.

Here Is The Video ” The Way Not To Squat With A Sandbag”



Now, here is today’s workout:



Workout Explanations


If you are just joining LovingFit, please take a look at how we organize the workout schedule, and let us know in the comment section if you have any questions.

Darlings as usual you already know the drill, make sure you do a good warm-up before this and every workout and always practice every exercise and the proper form before beginning to workout. This is especially very important in the first exercise that we are gonna be doing.

All I was using in this workout is my new sandbag ( 40 lbs ), my Gymboss timer, and a little white stepper but you can just use a chair ( make sure it’s not too high ).

This workout is broken down into 2 parts, both parts are done for time.

Don’t forget about the Booty Challenge, it is the 4th week for me, and before each lower body workout we are doing 100 regular bridges ( 4th week only ).


Part 1

Set your timer as a stopwatch. Complete 30 reps of the following:

  • 3 Side Jump Lunges & Bag Pick Up & Knee Up ( this whole thing counts as 1 rep )


Part 2

Reset your timer as a stopwatch. Complete 3 rounds of the following

  • Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation – 20 reps ( Right Leg )
  • Squat Booty Pulses – 20 Reps
  • Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist – 20 reps ( Right Leg )
  • Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation – 20 reps ( Left Leg )
  • Squat Booty Pulses – 20 Reps
  • Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist – 20 reps ( Left Leg )


Finished this workout with a Booty Challenge and I also did 15 minutes of Jump Rope. Don’t forget to do your stretching, I did “Total Body Stretching“.


Also, check out my new post on ” Skin Deep Fitness And Real Motivation “.


Have Fun Training Darlings!




Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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