Round & Firm Booty In A Month Challenge

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Round Booty


Hello My Lovies,

We are going to be starting a new challenge next Monday – Round & Tight Booty Challenge. This challenge will last 4 weeks, we will be adding 3 exercises on our Lower Body Workout days. 1 exercise will be before each workout, the other 2 exercises will be added after each workout. Every week there will be more reps added.



Challenge Explanation


The only thing we are gonna need for this challenge is ourtimer and a Balance Ball or a chair.


Week 1

Before our lower body routine, we are gonna do 60 reps of Regular Bridges. Semi-Slow, each rep needs to be a quality.

After our workout we will be adding 2 more exercises for the total of 3 rounds.

  • One Leg Bridges ( either on the chair or balance ball ) 15 reps per leg ( on the 15th rep will will old the up position for 10 seconds. )
  • Tight Booty Hold – 30 Seconds ( we will use our timer to count down 30 seconds )


Week 2

We are going to add 20 reps to the Bridges before our workouts, so this week we will be doing 80 reps of Bridges before our lower body workout ( 1 round only ).

  • After the workout we are gonna add 5 reps per side of the One Leg Bridge, so there will be 20 reps per leg, and at the end of 20th rep, we will hold the up position for 10 seconds.
  • Tight Booty Hold will go up to – 40 seconds


Week 3

The Bridges before the workout will go up again by 20 reps. So this week we will be doing 100 reps before out lower body workouts. ( 1 round only )

  • After the workout, we will be doing the same exercises, except now we will be doing 25 reps per leg with the hold of 10 seconds at the 25th rep.
  • Tight Booty Hold will now be – 50 seconds.

3 rounds total ( as the previous weeks )


Week 4

The Bridges before the workouts will go up to 120 reps.

  • One Leg Bridges – 30 reps per side with 10 second hold on the 30th rep
  • Tight Booty Hold – 1 minute


Let’s do this challenge together!!!



PS РI got my tights on Ebay.

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