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Oct 5, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello My Darling Lovies,

I am back with a new lower body workout! This is a circuit training routine, and it took me 30 minutes and 38 seconds to complete, but I am sure you’re gonna beat me at my time, because it’s been very humid here in FL and I was struggling to breathe.

Everywhere else the fall had already began, but not here, oh no, it’s still summer in full swing and then some. I always use a huge bag of ice to cool off between rounds, but today it didn’t seem to help and it actually melted half way though.

Make sure you do your warm-up and practice each exercise in good form before you begin your workout.

Oh by the way, I’ve been doing Good Posture Challenge daily, and today I’ve noticed that my posture had improved a lot, so I’m gonna keep going with this for a while, and might even start doing 2 rounds of it.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my Gymboss timer, my 40 lbs VersaFit bag, and a pair of dumbbells 20 lbs total. You can use only your bag if you like, but since my bag is 40 lbs heavy, it’s hard for me to do the swing with it without feeling pressure in my back after.

Set yourΒ timer as a stopwatch, complete the following 4 exercises for the total of 5 rounds.

  • 2 Back Lunges & Jump Squat Combo – 12 reps ( this one whole combo per side counts as one rep. If you are using a lighter weight, I suggest you do 14-16 reps )
  • Toe Lifts – 20 reps ( if you are using a lighter weight do 30 reps )
  • Dumbbell Swing – 30 reps
  • Isometric Squat Side Bends – 20 reps ( keep low the whole time, each bend counts as one rep ) ( I would like to say thank you toΒ ZivenaberryΒ for suggesting this exercise to me Β πŸ™‚ )


I finished this routine with Round Booty Challenge and then I got really crazy and completed 500 reps of side lunge jumps as part of my cardio. I did use Intuitive Training, but maybe I shouldn’t of cause I was pretty tired and didn’t feel like I pushed to the max. But I still completed the whole 500, and that was something.

Have Fun Training my Darlings!




Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • tee_w

    Ooh! Am I first? Lol

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    lol Tee…yes you beat me…DAMIT’

    • tee_w

      I posted before watching the vid!

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        just got to my ‘puter and saw the post…..too much traffic and I can’t even watch the video now….glitchy…doing my own leg wo in the am…will try and watch this tomorrow

  • tee_w

    this looks fun, first exercise is both sides = one rep? Correct? It makes me want to do it right now! Lol. But I’m working so it has to wait until tomorrow!

    • Hey Tee,

      One side plus jump squat is 1 rep, but trust me with 40 lbs it’s quite hard, if you are using lighter weight then do 16 reps total.

      • tee_w


        • Ahh Tee, this is adorable πŸ™‚ <3

  • Jeanne

    Looks like a very challenging workout! Too bad I am done with lower body for the week, but will save it for Monday! Can I still use a backpack full of heavy things instead of the bag? Or is it bad for the back? I have noticed it is pretty hard to do lunges with the backpack, easy to lose balance.. But as long as I hold everything very tight, it is ok.. Not sure about my poor back though..

  • sedindriuke

    Tati, what kind of trousers you wear? I like that style but so difficult to find suitable for me…. wide hips, narrow waist bla bla bla and I am short person πŸ˜€ Hate buying trousers…

    WO is a ma z i ng heat in the legs πŸ˜€ I feel heat from yesterday’s Quest for booty wo (i did it second time…i repeat workouts time to time, some of them and waiting impatiently new ones :D). Today will do some cardio maybe with pull ups on doors and this wo will be for next lower body day πŸ˜‰

    5 hours difference the UK and Florida and you got heat…. and we have autumn coming by large steps.. πŸ™‚ Send some warm weather and sun here πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!

    • Lucky you, I miss Autumn so much.

      I usually get different styles of pants, I never spend too much money on them though, we have stores here in US that sell good brands for 12-15 dollars, sometimes cheaper.

  • Love this workout! Unfortunately, I do not have VersaFit bag, I am using the bar with weights. It could be a little traumatic for back to put this heavy on shoulders…
    Btw, here in Oslo is 8 degree above zero ))

    • Hey Katrin,

      You can easily make versa fit bag under 15 dollars, here is the link with different videos on how to make them: http://www.lovingfit.com/fitness/fitness-equipment-on-a-budget/

      cause it’s not really worth it to buy one. I’ve been using mine for a while now and I’m not too crazy about the fact that I can’t adjust it, and it’s starting to rip a little too.

  • Julia Loginova

    Hello, Tati! I have been waiting for your lower body workout, and finaliy I’ve got it. Yes!!! I’ll keep it for Monday. But today morning I did http://www.angrytrainerfitness.com/2012/06/video-the-legs-of-steel-workout/. Plus your
    http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/perfect-abs-afterglow-workout/. That was great workout!
    Today it is a mounth I am doing
    http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/good-posture-and-core-challenge/ . I did it daily. I want to ask you: what is the better way – continue Good Posture daily or cut it down to 3 times a week as you have suggested.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Hey Julia,

      I’ve been doing it daily, and will do that for a while, but you can definitely cut it down to 3 times a week, and add an extra round for all 3 exercises.

      • Julia Loginova

        Thank you for the advice. BY THE WAY,my day is rich one only with your workouts, your articles, your site…

  • agneszs

    Hi! I’m newbie here, yesterday was my first time doing one of your workouts (Bikini So Teeny Workout). I’m all sore now (and I LOVE it!) so I will save this for tomorrow. Few days back I spent some time (some serious time, haha) reading/ watching your older posts and I just couldn’t stop! So inspiring!

    • Hi there πŸ™‚

      Welcome to Loving Fit!

    • Welcome to the Tati family πŸ™‚ You are going to love everything about Tatianna, she has amazing workouts and so kind and a wonderful spirit. I obviously don’t know her personally but the girl just oozes awesomeness πŸ™‚ Btw I also LOVE reading the older posts, love reading everyone’s positive words and outstanding accomplishments. Everyone here is inspirational and that is a true testament to Tatianna’s character. Cheers and enjoy your time here.

    • Esal1

      Hi Agneszs! You certainly landed in the right spot, enjoy this place and her amazing WOs.

    • I had the same problem when I first discover the site. Welcome, I’m glad you found Lovingfit.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      welcome…great site, great people and most of all great trainer in Tatianna

  • taltul73

    im watching the workout now… will do it soon… i have to say… I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND……

  • Love this workout Tati. BTW, I’ve been adding your Good Posture Challenge move to my daily stretches. And Yes, I am feeling the results too. Thanks for this workout. Will do this tonight then finish it off with ZWOW#37 for add on cardio. πŸ™‚

    • Have fun training girl! You are very welcome πŸ™‚

      • I am feeling my obligue and waist today Tati… whew….. the Squat Bends killed it.

  • Hi Tati, another great workout!! As I just wrote somewhere else, you really know how to design a BALANCED workout. So many fitness gurus out there just put exercises together in random order without any logics, possibly only to make the routine LOOK nice but actually creating a much less effective and less functional one. One of the things I like about you is that you are a smart trainer who doesn’t ONLY focus on exterior things such as looks, looks, looks, looks but you ALSO TRAIN FOR FUNCTION AND STRENGTH and how to preserve them in the long run.
    Regarding the swing (which I love), perhaps you could consider getting just one kettlebell: they are perfect for swings.

    • Thank you so much Vanessa πŸ™‚

      Yes I always make sure to design my workouts the right way, and I test them out before presenting them to you guys.

      I do have 1 kettle bell, but it’s only 15 lbs, I will definitely get a heavier one, they are nicer and more comfortable to swing.

      • sedindriuke

        You know Tati.. Yesterday I did some cardio workout from another site (not BR but another fitnes Guru) and while i was doing that exercises which took my breath i though one year ago i so hated exercises combos in BR..but now I hate that simple ”squat, puch, tuck, press” workouts when i found you! even your squats every time are so fun and im so waiting everytime your workouts. I love combos! as I love different exercises everytime! OMG girl I appreciate you so much and your answers to comments! Right, Vanessa? You again agree with me as in Facebook ::))) (here im different named:))

  • This WO was great! All sweatin’ in 26′. Since working out with you T. I focus more on my form = for me= core stability . These WO bring balance into my life. A moment during whichI feel centered .Thank YOU

  • Finally did the Force of Muscle-Workout! Whoo my poor arms πŸ˜€ Did it in ca. 35 mins (my super-cool Ironman-watch is lying in my boarding school -.-”) This one looks also looks fun, I love Isometric exercises.
    P.S.: I like that you’re training with make-up on.

    • Yes, I started wearing a bit more πŸ™‚

  • taltul73

    just finished the workout. …. it was hard and fun… loved it… took me 21 minuets and i used 22 lbs/ 10 kilo sand bag. after that i did 100 reps bridge and good posture challenge
    thank you… have a wonderful weekend

    • Have a wonderful weekend Tali πŸ™‚

  • Zivenaberry

    I was all giddy when I scrolled down and saw the iso squat side bend! I almost started yelling SHE USED IT! lol Glad you could use it in a routine, I love that move πŸ™‚

    • Ohh Awesome it was you! Now I know, cause I remember getting the email, but I didn’t remember your name, now I can place next to your name that it was your suggestions :), thanx girl

  • Spasibo bolshoe πŸ™‚

  • JB

    Hi everyone πŸ™‚

    Just watched this and wow! Looks like a great workout! Will try it this weekend.

    I have a question for you Tati: I am only 5’3″ so I have shorter legs and I am medium build (actually I am really dense lol – I weigh 147lb and people always think I am lying when they ask what I weigh) I used to be really self-conscious about my weight but I wear a size 4-6 now and I have lost 45+ lbs in a little over 2 years and am keeping it off. So I refuse to stress over the 147 although I really would like to get down to 130-135. My shape is b/t an hourglass and slight pear – so my question is, should I be doing lower body workouts like this *without* weights? I have muscular legs anyway and just want to lose fat off my upper thigh. I do plyometrics a lot b/c I read that it helps slim thighs.
    What are your thoughts? Thank you for any help on this, I am very interested in your opinion. Have a great day and can’t wait to try this workout!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • Hi JB,

      If you are trying to lose weight, I recommend you doing a bit more strength cardio, skip the heavy weights for now, what you can do and it’s gonna be better is lower weights higher reps.

      • JB

        Ok thanks so much Tati…I have been doing high reps with either low weight or no weight and just cranking out the reps so I will stick with that and then go heavier weight once I lose my stubborn thigh fat πŸ™‚
        You are awesome to answer me – thank you!!! Love your site – have a great weekend

        • tee_w

          Hi Jennifer, as a fellow short former pear, I agree on the weights for the legs. My legs are prone to growing if using weights. I’m 48 and this is the first time in my life I have made my legs smaller. I did zuzana’s workouts at bodyrock, (lot of cardio with bodyweight) and am now doing tatianna’s, some zuzana’s still and random others sometimes, but I rarely add weight to many leg exercises. Usually only if there is another exercise with it, like a press or a bag pickup etc. or I don’t use much weight. I’m only 5ft1.5inches, weighing 137.5lbs, down from 169lbs almost 2 years ago, and in doing all this have managed to get my thighs down from 24 inches to 20.5 inches and hips & butt down from 40 inches to 36 inches. Even when I was skinny before kids weighing in the 120’s my legs were probably 21.5 inches. I don’t do more reps per say but proper form and slower, not superfast, making sure squeezing all the proper muscles, down as low as you can go or jump as high as you can, and skipping or high knee intervals help too! I actually think I may not be pear shaped anymore! πŸ™‚

          PS people are always shocked when they find out my weight too!

          • JB

            hello short former pear ( as I hope to be soon) :). Thank you for replying – what you describe is exactly what is going on with me! My thighs are about 22 down from 24.5 so I am happy with that but as you know how it is with shorter legs…lol
            I have been doing the same – no heavier weights unless it’s a combo move and I will continue to focus on doing the move to feel the burn! Congratulations BTW on your weight loss and shape up – that is awesome! Takes determination to get fit!
            Anyway, nice to know there are other shorties out there going through the same issues and now I am pleased there is hope to become a former pear. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚
            And that is hilarious that people are also shocked when they find out your weight lol
            I always tell my husband that I could fight in the welterweight division of boxing at my weight hahahaha
            Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  • I am looking forward to giving this workout a go.

    I have a question though. I am thinking of taking your advice on taking a week off after 5-6 weeks of training. HOWEVER, I am struggling with the idea as well. I am one of those people that gets very down when I feel I haven’ t accomplished something physically (I know probably sounds lame but that is my personality) And after losing so much weight and achieving so much physically I don’t want to feel as though I am going backwards by taking the week off. Now, with that said, I also noticed that I did struggle this week, except for today, to get motivated enough to do my workouts. I did do them and felt great but just felt blah before starting. So, I know based on that I should take your advice. So, I guess my question would be “What does a week OFF actually mean?” Cause I am thinking Mon and Tues my kids are off school so will most likely be active with them, so those 2 days should be ok. But Wed, Thurs and Fri I am thinking maybe some hot yoga would be ok. What do you think? Or do I just do nothing for the week cause I gotta tell ya, not sure I can do it πŸ™‚

    Desperate πŸ™‚

    • Hey Violet,

      Well, it is part of a healthy training program to take 5 days off every 6 weeks to give your body some building time, and your mind some rest as well. You will actually notice that after that break you will gain more strength and motivation. You can do some hot yoga, stretching, stay active, go for hikes/walks, just don’t do any intense activities.

      • Thank you, Tatianna. I will do that. Have an awesome weekend.

  • I get to do this and mingle on Monday, Hippy!

  • Jos

    I’m not sure if I could beat your time but you’re so humble and down to earth about your time πŸ™‚ Another great workout and I just have to add this into my WO queue πŸ˜€

    Questions: since I’ll be using my 35 lbs sandbag for toe lifts, I am not feeling comfortable putting it on my back so I usually just hold it in front…will it be the same or should I do more reps than what you did?

    Same thing with the back lunge and jump squat combo.

    • Sure Jos,

      You can hold it in front, you will actually have your abs even more engaged, but keep your back really tight cause it does seem to take a bit more toll on the back.

  • Ruth

    I’m new here and am just loving you and your videos… you are so inspiring! you make me want to learn Russian too πŸ™‚ Here, where I live, we have a large Russian community… Anyway, thank you so much, I can’t wait to push through this one tomorrow… <3

    • Hi Ruth πŸ™‚

      Welcome to Loving Fit, glad to have you join us!

    • sedindriuke

      You will LOVE being trained by Tati :)))))))))))

  • tee_w

    Hey guys! I got this workout done this morning! And yes Tati I managed to goof it up a bit again! Lol in the first exercise I only did squat, not squat jump, duh! Oh well it was hard anyway! I managed to finish the whole routine with all the prescribed reps and rounds, yay! It was perfectly hard and ended exactly when I was exhausted, I wouldn’t have made another round! I was bad and didn’t do what Tati said about doing more reps because I used less weight as I’m not as advanced as Tati so I can’t handle as much weights or reps? I used my sandball filled with 20.5lbs of sand for the first 3 exercises. As I did squats, I alternated between narrow and wide squats, and varied the positions for calf raises as well, and the isometric squat I also alternated holding a narrow squat and the wide squat. I found it really agonizing holding the narrow squat and thought I felt my obliques more that way too. I took 28min14sec, and then did my 100 rep bridges -which took me almost 5 min! As I had forgotten to do them before. Had no more time for the rest of the bridges and superman’s so I’ll do them here in a minute!

    • sedindriuke

      Well done girl!

    • Hey Tee,

      You’re so adorable! Next time I will write out in the explanation next to the exercises step by step of each combo.

      • tee_w

        no need, I’ll just screw it up anyway! lol You even mentioned the jump in the comment you made to me! but that’s OK I don’t like to jump with a weight on my back anyway so maybe it was subconscious

  • sedindriuke

    Tati, a question for you… My legs are curvy and bulky (especially front because of that quadriceps)..im always like this, but to wear trousers for me is a nightmare – silhouette of that muscle …. eh πŸ˜€ i have strong legs and wide hips it means but what to do… i workout with 15kg aka sandbag. To lower the weights for legs in your routines? If i will do much cardio i will get to lean as I am small, lean, and my hip bones are visible now, waist is small, almost no woman’s attributes because of sport… :):)))))

    and when you mentioned about increasing your new sandbag (i need to check that website, maybe i will buy new…orange colour :D) to 60lb so are you gonna squat with such weight? For deadlifts it is ok but deadlifts also make booty and back a little wider….

    Please any comment :)) Thank you!

    • Naomi

      No offence meant, but are you a pear shape/hourglass? The reason I ask is that a lot of pear shaped women complain that their legs get bigger exercising while they slim down at top. As females we can only put on so and so much muscle – very few of us will be able to get legs the size of Mr. Arnold. For example I am only 158 cm tall, but I squat with 70 kg when training heavy. My legs are not more voluminous than before, but the fat:muscle ratio has changed.

      I have a friend who is a pear shape, and she is experiencing the exact same thing as you describe. However, the reason she feels her legs are getting bigger is actually because she put on just a tiny bit of muscle so they look more defined underneath the fat, the problem is that the fat layer above are making her legs look more protruding and thus bigger. She has trouble loosing fat in this area, while the fat on the upper body just melts off. I am a triangle and my problem area is the upper body, so my problem is opposite. The little muscle I put on top is covered by stubborn fat which again makes all of my shirts tight in the arm and back area.

      I don’t think cutting the weight will help her or me slim down any, women don’t have such a big potential for muscle growth. The harder work we do (the more weight we move) during a workout is most beneficial because we will burn more calories during the workout. What both of us need is more cardio, and preferably cardio that helps VO2-max (oxygen consumption). High intensity interval training like Tati does is excellent. This will help with the post-exercise oxygen consumption which again speeds up calories burnt. Food is also crucial! Fasting at night like Tati does and eating clean will help tremendously. I am thinking of including 30 mins of walking every day and running tabata intervals once a week as well.

      Sorry in advance if I misunderstood your problem. If you are already at a low fat percentage you might not fall into this category of people I described above.

      • sedindriuke

        no need to sorry πŸ™‚ Thank you Girl! Yes you are right, i am small overall (1,64cm and weight 55-54kg at this moment) and PEAR (but i loveeeeee apppleeesss haha :D). My diet is really ok and yes the STOP of evening eating is really good. But i lose or define my muscle first on upper body, abs, but lower body is muscular πŸ˜€ I love weights and now i just love my lower body as it is muscular not fatty (of course i am not zero fat body – i need fat, i eat healthy fat much), and yeah to lower weight for legs … hmm i am afraid that my legs would not love me for it as they now that I love weights πŸ˜€ just do not have variety of weights at home.. :))

        Now i do that interval cardio but in different way as I do not understand how to measure rest period… so i do 500 high knees (10 high knees and drop down; 10 times like this during the period and i repeat it in 5 periods… i try to shorten the periods .. now i will do like this 500 side lunge jumps as Tati).

        I know about sport as i am not new in this matter.. but yeah i need more cardio for legs then… but i got muscular legs while i was used to run… Sometimes it seems that all food goes into my legs and butt πŸ˜€ calories calories go to the boobs πŸ˜€

      • sedindriuke

        and in fact i think it depends how you look into yourself in the mirror πŸ˜€ I am fine, defined butt, even legs seems to be like bodybuilder πŸ˜€ My legs and butt are better in shape then ever – especially after all those T workouts, challenges.

        Ok i need more cardio πŸ˜€

      • I agree with you Naomi about using weights for legs. I’m 5”2,
        I can build and tone my upper body very easily; but have to push hard to see definition
        in my lower body. The best shape my legs had ever being was when I was lifting
        heavier 6 years ago (max weight 90lb squats, 90lb leg extension, 50-60lb leg
        curls, 110lb calf raises). I was training my legs then only once a week using reps
        of 15-10-5-5-10-15, after each rep I rested for 30secs. The 15 reps was minimum
        weight and the 5 reps was the max weight that I could lift. My legs were lean,
        tone but they were never bulky. Also, I did do 20mins interval cardio 5 days a
        week (treadmill or elliptical) plus 20mins yoga; and a 10km jog very Saturday
        or a 1hr spin class. My diet was 95% clean.

    • Hey what are your goals as far as your legs and booty?

      • sedindriuke

        Leaner a little bit but defined πŸ™‚ You know it is not a problem, i have strong legs πŸ™‚ I do not worry about weight, i never weight myself and do not worry if i ate too much of healthy food… Im enjoying the sport, and the results comes sooner or later πŸ™‚ Just sometimes you concentrate on one thing, next time on another…

        Do you have any suggestions how to rid of knee area fat on legs (inside part where both knees meet :)) Cardiooo πŸ˜€

  • Naomi

    My first lower body workout after a 3 day break. I misunderstood the first exercise and actually did 24 reps with my 16 kg sandbag, so naturally I was exhausted and decided to only do 4 rounds (in just over 29 mins) since I also combined this workout with the Booty Challenge. I’m on week 2 and it’s working! I can do more bridges without pausing, the hold on the one leg bridges still hurt so much (it feels like someone is twisting a knife in my buttocks…). Any ideas how to make the superman hold more challenging? I try to squeeze my butt together, but lift the legs upward. Still feels easy with 40 secs though…

    • Hey Naomi,

      Try to lay down on 2 chairs and lift your butt off like that, make sure your hips are not on the chair all the way, cause that would make it easy. So the hips should be off the chair and you will lift your body that way.

      Another thing you can do is do pulses.

      • Naomi

        Pulses, of course! I love doing those – especially while doing pull-ups, I can feel it in my back for days… Will try this the next time I do lower body. Upper body today, I am redoing Catwalk Body, I think…

  • annebelwind

    Okay, wow.. I started this one.. Just 1 round in I stopped.. it is just to much right now.. I only used 14 kg of weight.. so that is about 6 less than you are using, but still.. After the 12 reps I couldn’t breath.. So I finished the round and just stopped.. I will see if I can do this one tomorrow.. Or monday.. Today is not good.. I hope I can push true soon. It will hit my muscles big time.. πŸ˜€ Thanks Tati..

  • I did it yersterday. Warm up with 3 rounds of Medicine ball burpee, Med ball MT climbers and Meb ball soccer tap. My time for the Tailfeathers workout was 23 minutes (sandbag with 22lbs and 2 DB of 8). I ended up with ZWOW#37 as my cardio.
    Thank You!

  • Kate_CZ

    Hello guys!

    Done! πŸ™‚ 27:07. Thank you, Tati!
    I did all weighted exercises with my 16kg (/35lb) sandbag and the same amount of reps as Tati. But I had to replace the jump squat in the first exercise with two normal squats. Jumping with the SB on my upper back hurts.

    Also, IΒ΄m just getting used to workout with the sandbag and by this workout I suffered from elbows pain. After the first two exercises when I placed the SB on my upper back (not shoulders) I had to stretch the elbows for some seconds before I could continue. Anyone else knows what IΒ΄m talking about? Any suggestions how to avoid it? Every idea will be appreciated!

    This is how I put the SB on me:

    Sorry for refering to BR page or Zuzka (I didnΒ΄t find any better photo with someone more anonymous) but IΒ΄m sure it canΒ΄t make any harm to you anyway. The ones who follows you, know why! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Kate, regarding where to place the sandbag while you squat there’s a very interesting video from Josh Henkin, creator of the Ultimate Sandbag, who recommends to NEVER place the sandbag on your back while you squat. Here’s the link to the video where he explains why.
      I know this has nothing to do with your elbow issue, but I hope it can help you anyway. Preventing back injuries is always very important. πŸ™‚

      • Kate_CZ

        Thank you very much Vanessa! ThatΒ΄s very very very useful video! I had no idea that this can cause any harm. Next time, IΒ΄ll squat with the sandbag holding in front of me.

        btw. I liked the combo at the end. I will definitely try it too. But with a leighter weight than 35lb…

        • I was squat with ultimate sandbag in front of me…I tried it once on my back and my elbow did not like it.

      • sedindriuke

        Vanessa, i shared your link.thank you. Now i really need normal sandbag not with the weight plates inside my bag….. and do squat keeping in front of me all the weight.

        • Evaleen

          Wrap something like clothes or towels around your weight plates, that should help. πŸ™‚ And use extra to help fill out your bag– more cushion = less bruising lol.

          • sedindriuke

            yes it is wraped in duvet but still the plates moves and the weight in the bag in not the same ….. and it is really uncomforatble… too long bag.. πŸ˜€ military.. πŸ˜€

          • Evaleen

            It works best to wrap them individually and tuck them into the corners of an already stuffed bag, but yeah, that’d still be difficult with a large one. Maybe you could make a smaller bundle out of it by putting just the weight plates inside, roll it up (like a sleeping bag) then tie it off with some rope? Otherwise, I’d suggest using some bags of rice instead of the plates– much softer, and gives a better weight distribution.

          • sedindriuke

            yes..i need to buy bulk of rice πŸ˜€ and more comfortable bag… as i have one too long…

      • Vanessa, THANK YOU for sharing this! I always loved Zuz, but I realized early on that she wasn’t the best at warning about lower back issues. I often hurt my lower back, and while I was doing other bad things (coming up butt first when I was tired, rounding lower back), it sometimes still happened. This video totally makes sense!

        Right now I have a homemade sandbag, and I either hold in front or put on my shoulder. I think I may spring for the Versafit bag Tatianna has. it’s cheaper than a sandbag, plus it rests nicely on the shoulders.

        • Hey Kendra,

          I really suggest you to make your Versa Fit instead of buying it, cause what I don’t like about it is that it’s not adjustable :(.

          • Yeah…hmm…I’d prefer not to use an inner tube, though. That’s the only thing. Yours looks so slinky and comfortable! Like those bags of lavendar you put over your eyes to relax, only…weighted. I picture a homemade one all rubber and duct tape and stones and it’s so much less…sexy. I’ll search aroudn the web, see what I can find! πŸ™‚

        • Hi Kendra, I think that there’s a difference between being a very athletic and good looking woman who’s got a passion for fitness and being a good trainer. Zuzana is very determined and was blessed with great genetics, but I always think that most of her viewers judge her skills as a trainer (and the results that they are likely to get by doing her workouts) by her appearance.
          Tati, for example, would never include ninja jump tucks in her routines and she’s right: there are lots of exercises that provide the same benefits without such a high risk of injuries. That said, I still like some of her old BR routines though I often modify them to make them more balanced.
          Anyway, I’m happy that the video was helpful.

          • I agree. I think she learned and is learning along the way. I always felt that I was sort of following Z on her own fitness journey, so I always took her advice with a grain of salt. Yes, the video was SUPER helpful. Lower back strain is funny because you almost don’t feel it at first. There was one of Tati’s workouts where there’s a deadlift that’s a minideadlift, and she is soooo specific and recommends watching yourself in a mirror and making sure you are NOT using your lower back. It was so frustrating but helpful, and I remember I would do okay but then start feeling it in my back again and stop and start again. But that process of being hyper-aware of which muscles are being used is very helpful, because once you teach your body the correct muscles to use it tends to stay on the right path. I used to think that sensation was just normal, and now I know it’s incorrect form.

          • Kendra, do you remember the name of this workout from Tati? I tend to have lower back issues, so watching this video could be very helpful also because the deadlift is a great exercise. Grazie πŸ™‚

          • Found it!!! Crossfit Diva. http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/crossfit-diva-workout/
            It’s not a full deadlift, but a mini deadlift. I found it challenging but helpful to execute this exercise. I watched myself in a mirror, too. She explains the exercise at about 21:17. πŸ™‚ Prego!

          • Thanks again Kendra! πŸ™‚

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        hi Vanessa, you should post this on the disavowed page for everyone to see

        • I will Gerri Lee. But if Chris V. decides to kill me (before he decides to marry me), it will be your fault. LOL.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            LOL…..Chris is a big boy and if he can’t take the heat it’s time to get out of the pool….I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been deleted from BR for stressing proper form and the lack of demonstrated in the videos….been lifting for a lot of years and really found it offensive that my voice wasn’t heard

          • I have been deleted countless times both from BR and from Z’s page for making similar comments. They only take praise.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            and the weird thing is that I’m still totally free to post…if I do it on a weekend…I know that they won’t deal with it until Monday…much happier here and doing my own thing…for me it’s all about the health and safety of a routine….drama can just f’ off

          • So you are basically a week-end commenter. Green light (actually I should say “green Light”) on week-ends and red light on week-days. LOL.

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            LOL…I actually don’t go there often…use it to log into disquss and that is it…if Tee posts sometimes I check it out…but if i do have something to say and want it heard…i will post on the weekend so people can actually read it…that’s how we got so many members for disavowed and for Tatianna’s Loving Fit page

          • hi Gerri,
            Maybe you already know this, you can log into disqus directly. http://www.disqus.com. Once you there, bookmark as a favorite. I find I only have to retype my user ID and password maybe once a month.

          • tee_w

            Thanks, I lova you too! But you don’t actually have to go there, I’m in your dashboard! Buaaaahuaaaa! Everpresent where ever you go!

            Though its fun to see if you can recognize the hostess!

          • tee_w

            help me gerri lee, I have massive urges to post over there tonight! aaaaah, I will not post, I will not post. totally different person than was there in dec, its totally freaking me out! but I’m not going to post! deep breath! lol

            going to go see a movie, it will be OK I won’t post!

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            np….did it for you Tee

          • tee_w

            thanks! she’s scaring me!

          • Wow really, I don’t know why they would delete these comments, you’re only trying to be helpful.

            I want people to be safe, and I appreciate all the help from you guys. If I am ever doing something wrong I would want you guys to tell me.

          • The good thing about your site, Tati, is that there’s no “brainwashing” going on. No dogmas. You give your advice and you explain WHY you give us your advice (like when you tell us that we should have rest days, explaining why rest days are so important), but you are always open to discussions and questioning yourself.

          • Esal1


      • Vanessa,

        Thank you so much for this video, I will share this in the next Post where I will use a sandbag as well, I have one on the way from a Ukraine.

      • tee_w

        I’ve seen this video before and it’s funny but I am more upright with my sandball on my back and if I put it in front I lean forward and my lower back hurts. But on my back can hurt my elbows, so I find if I pull it up higher so my arms are a little straighter and the bag is more behind my head its better. Though I thought my elbow problem was because as its a ball rather than a bag – it’s narrower, glad to hear I’m not the only one.

        The girl’s knees were way in front of her toes which bothered me more than the bag on her back, lol

      • Evaleen

        Thanks for sharing, I’d been wondering about that. Though like Tee, the front-hold puts WAY more strain on my back than the “wrong” way does (core too weak I guess?) But I prefer to hold my 30lb bag over one shoulder (if balance isn’t an issue) switching halfway or every other round/side… that spares my back the most and gives my arms a break.

        And speaking of injuries, there was a comment shared years ago on BR, from some woman (can’t remember her name) who hurt her back with sandbag squats. Paraphrasing: her mistake was lifting her lower back up before lifting her chest. I inadvertently do the same thing when my legs or arms get tired– my back tries to compensate (so bad).

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      my elbows can get soar with the SB on my back too…mine is 40 lbs…if possible i hold it in front, it doesn’t bother me to jump like that, hug it into your chest…I also find putting the SB on my back really hard on my shoulders too

      • Kate_CZ

        Thank you Gerri Lee. Yes, according to your experience and VanesseΒ΄s advice, from now I will hug my baby in front of me while squating.

        And do you ever put the SB on your upper back? For the toe raises f.e.? Or lunges? Or do you always prefer to hold it in front?

        • Hold in front for every thing.

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          hi Kate, if I have my SB at 32 lbs I can put it on my shoulders, but the motorcycle inner tubes I have filled with sand are pretty stiff and straight, and the bag tends to ride almost on my neck…when I put it to 40 lbs I just throw in a few hand weights, and then it’s like a log….I can still put it on my back, but holding it in front is more comfy…plus when I hurt my shoulder, I couldn’t hold it on my back without pain.

      • Naomi

        Same problem here! I was unlucky and got a dorsal cyst on my wrist because of overloading, it’s gone now but I am afraid something like that can pop up around the elbow as well. I will try to hug the bag in front of me as well, it’s probably more stable when jumping as well. Did you load the power sandbag to 40 lbs, Gerri? How is it holding up? I am afraid to put more in mine (smallest size) since it is recommended to hold 30 lbs.

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          hi Naomi, my SB is from Rogue fitness and it’s rated at 40 lbs. It definitely feels better for jumping holding it in front…plus it engages your biceps

    • Hey girl,

      Sorry about your elbow, I’ve never heard of that happening before but I’ve never used a sandbag my self, it sounds to me like a problem with one of your ligaments, Don’t put the sandbag on your back anymore, just place it in the front from now now. My versa fit is a different design and the weight falls to the front.

      An you know I don’t mind when you guys refer to other websites πŸ™‚

    • Hey–thanks for starting such a great thread! πŸ™‚ As to your original question–yeah, I totally get the stiff elbow thing when I hold my sandbag like this for prolonged periods. But now I guess I won’t do that anymore.

    • Kate_CZ

      Thank you everyone for all your ideas, opinions, experiences and so useful advices.

      I feel very comfortable to discuss here any issue that bothers me and I know I will recieve plenty of educated views. Thank you people here for being so kind and thank you Tatianna for creating and supporting such a helpful conscious community!

      IΒ΄m glad that nobody shouted at me that this is free and if my elbows hurt I should go away ;))

      • tee_w

        ha ha ha, if I hear its free and shut up and go away one more time I might explode! lol I know exactly what you mean!
        It’s so nice to be able to ask questions or make statements and not have to fear being deleted or banned because of it. and to actually get answers that might be helpful!

      • Esal1

        Hahahahahaa funny!

  • Well, you know what they say if you really hate doing a certain exercise, then it’s exactly what you should be doing :).

    You can also do weighted bridges, make sure you really drive your hips up, then lower them all the way to the ground.

    • Chrissy

      Hehe yes, I’ve heard that πŸ™‚ and that was the case with a lot of other exercises- I hated them because I was bad at them because I was weak. It’s different with swings though. It just feels weird. I thought I wasn’t doing it right, I have watched countless videos and practiced but I still don’t feel like I am working my butt much at all.

  • Kane

    Another tough but ultimately fun workout. Many thanks, Tatianna!

  • Christian

    Just finished it, i’m drench in sweat and its 13 degree outside!
    Love the Isometric Squat Side Bends (thanks Zivenaberry)
    Now off to do the Booty Challenge, its my fist day for the scoend week!
    Have a nice weekend all and Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.

  • sedindriuke

    28:11 mins. First two rounds I did 2back lunges and 2 squats…. then i realized that i cannot see the finish today doing like this so next three rounds I included jump as in original workout… and it was tough πŸ™‚ i was soaking in sweat and thought i was able to do 500 jump side lunges…. no way :))) just simple 20X10/20s cardio πŸ˜€ And booty challenge of third week (3rd time…as i am afraid to start 4th week with that reps.. πŸ˜€ and do not wanna finish the challenge :))) i love spidrman holds..i can hold it all day πŸ˜€ Thanks, Tati πŸ˜‰

  • ltwin

    Privetiiik Tatianna – dorogaya moya!

    Did this awesome workout today: took me 21 minutes and 34 seconds..
    And of course, I did the first day of third week of the booty challenge… and ooh myyy.. I can feel it ;)!!
    Thank you so much for your creativity and professionality!
    obnimau i zeluu

  • Jos

    Just did this today!! Took me 27:32 with 35lbs sandbag and 12.5lbs DB for the swing. I had to skip the jump squat on 2nd round till the end cuz I don’t want to screw up my knees. Instead I did a slow steady squats. Prior this I did 500 skips and some butt challenge. And finished up with Perfect Abs Afterglow!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there,

    I was away for a few days, again, always on the road…and now I am back, and it is almost 1 a.m. and I am still wearing my shoes but I am checking the blog and searching for the workout which I will do first thing in the morning..:))

    so good night to you all

    • Hey sweetie glad you’re back πŸ™‚

  • Just finished! 29:47! i used two 20lb dumbbells for the lunge/squat and the toe raises, and I used a 35lb kettlebell for the swings. This workout was aallll about the lunge/squat combo. Because of the whole sandbag discussion, and because I wanted to try 40lbs instead of 35, I used two dumbbells, but it proved pretty challenging because I held them up by my shoulders and they got tired. My back was fine so I used the kettlebell for swings–it’s so much better with a kettlebell!

    I finally tried the intuitive interval training, too! I decided to try it on finishing 100 burpees. My only issue is being able to write down everything. Instead of stopping and starting my stopwatch I just kept it running and wrote down the times and decided to do the math later. Round Booty week 3 is finished today, too! Ouuuch! Now I feel great. πŸ™‚ Off to finish my Sunday.

  • Hello Tati.

    I decided to “hurry” in this one, not long breaks and proper form.
    I do not have a sandbag or versafit bag, I have a backpack and I put the discs of the weights,
    right now I have 10kg, I cannot have more because the discs make bruises on my back and it is not so comfortable, I have been using it “temporary”.

    Anyway, it was heavy, I continued and continued and I was sure I was going to make a better time
    than yours, or that anyone and I got it in 32 minutes and 44 seconds, oh well! Here the autumn is starting so is not humid or warm anymore.

    I started the booty challenge and it was hard, it is hard. I do not see myself doing 20 one leg bridges, since 15 was already painful, I even want to make pictures for the before and after haha.

    Take care, have a nice day everyone

  • I finally shook my tailfeather.Warm up: 10 mins; Good Posture Challenge; Week 3 R&FB Challenge 100 resp of Bridges.
    I used 30lb sandbag for #1 & #2 and 10lb kettlebell for the swings. My time 35:14.
    Part 2: R&FB Challenge : complete 3 rounds for both exercises. Strangely 50secs didn’t feel that bad…40secs last week felt like forever to me.
    Inituitive Challenge: 10 mins
    Cool down/ Stretching: 10 mins

    • Warm up: Basic warm up routine
      35lbs bag for #1 & #2 and 25lbs DB for #3…5 rounds took 23:35
      I took a 2 minutes break before I doing Pool Party routine.
      Cool down & stretched for 10 minutes.

  • Evaleen

    This was my first workout in days because I’ve felt lethargic, but dumb-arse that I am, forgot that’s EXACTLY why I stay tired. :/ Without enough vigorous activity I don’t sleep as deeply, and even wind up sleeping longer.

    Now my “Workout Specs”, as I’ll be calling em :p — 30lbs for the twelve-rep combo (did BW only for the last two sets) and for the thirty toe raises, and 20lbs on the swings (I filled an old handbag with weight plates and socks for that lol). Finished the whole thing well past 30 minutes :/ but at least I’ll sleep like a rock tonight.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    all done…did 120 bridges before…used my SB at 40.5 lbs, held it in front for the lunge jump squats, on my back for the toe raises…2 x 10 lb for the swings….finished in 22:03…..was kind of reaching forward and to the side to grab my chair for the one leg bridges and supermans when my lower back went into spasm….actually my middle back on the left right by the spine right at the bottom of the ribs…..I’m sure it will be fine, but had to pass on finishing

    • tee_w

      geez gerri lee! take care of yourself!

      you have to remember we are not chickies any more! lol
      hope its OK, I spasmed in the same place a couple weeks ago doing zuzana’s james bond lunges – and they are not even hard!

  • Annebel Wind

    Yeah.. done 4 rounds.. but felt like I could do 5.. Had no time left.. But I am really happy.. Last time I stopped after 1 round, so this is much better.. My time: 26.26 :D.. Tonigh I will do the booty challenge and maybe the last round.. Am proud.. Thanks again Tati.. Am looking forward to your new upperbody workout..

  • yboog

    Good evening Tatiana,
    I did this tonight and I loved it! You never fain me ; )

    9 min 10/50×9 skipping warm up

    before Round & Firm week 4 4: 27
    This w/o took me 27:47
    I used a 20lb SB for the first 3 moves
    I did 30 reps for the last 3 moves
    That combo was an excellent burn, OUCH!
    after Round &Firm week 4 7:42

    25 min yoga…

    Love to start my week this way! Thank you!

    • Good evening Y

      So happy you loved the workout! I had to take a day off today, my body was so sore

      • yboog

        My hamstrings n quads are hurtin the most… I did another 20 min hip opening yoga this morning to bring some ease to my tension there.

  • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

    Exactly 20:00 Minutes for me!

    I am getting back on track with you guys πŸ™‚ I still only have my 5 kilo ball on hand, but I surely had an effective thigh burn anyway!!! It all feels a (whole) bit harder on my breath after 5 weeks of almost nothing but walking. But I’ll be back on top very soon, I hope (:
    I did 20 reps of exercise no. 1 & 4 and 30 reps of no. 2 & 3. I will perform the Booty Challenge later, going hard on week 4, 2nd time with 120 Bridges, yeah!!!
    Thanks Tati, I am really looking forward to doing your newest Upper Body WO.Enjoy your day, LovingFitters!!!
    Much love, Maria

    • Mary Lou

      Whoa Maria! 20 minutes! I’m just getting on the wagon here and plan on doing this on Sunday and I hope to do it in less than 30 minutes. Wish me luck!

      • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

        GREAT hearing from you, dear Mary Lou πŸ™‚ How did you do in the workout?
        I hope you feel fantastic πŸ™‚ Much love, Maria

        • Mary Lou

          Hi Maria! Good to hear from you too! It took me just under 34 minutes using 30 lbs for #1 & #3 (dropping to 20lbs after 2 rounds) and 40 lbs on the toe raises. I was worried, at first, about working out barefoot, but it really helps with balance and it wasn’t much of an adjustment at all. I love it here!

  • 25 ?????. ??????? ? ????? ????????? ????????? ?? ????? ??????????, ? ??? ???????…. ?? ?? ?????
    ??????? ??????????

    • Da, eto vidimo problemi s Disquss, ya zametila chto nekotorie kommenti propali, vidimo na ih serveri problemi.

  • Guest

    why did you delete all my comments? I didn”t write something wrong!I just told you thank you

    • Hi, I didn’t delete any comments, I never do that, sometimes Disquss Commenting system has glitches and even my own comments disappear. Then they return, it’s been happening lately. I just checked spam folder and didn’t find any comments, so it is on the Disquss end not mine.

      I never delete anybody’s comments, ever.

  • Guys,

    Some comments seemed to disappear, I didn’t delete any of them, it’s on Disqus server, usually it happens then the comments return.

  • jt

    Sooooooo I did this one yesterday, and it was very challenging!! I’m still in superBeginner mode as I’ve only been working out for 2 weeks so far πŸ™‚ so I didn’t want to push it too much as I wanted to be a able to walk today ;D I find it great that having worked out in the past and learned so much here about training, now I’m able to tell what would be best for me to avoid injuries, stiffness and overtraining.

    On the first exercise I didn’t use any weights and in the other ones I used my 4 kg sandbag.It was very challenging to me because even if it didn’t make me sweat like crazy, it did but I felt it was more a “resistance” issue than physical pain or getting short of breath (and because I didn’t use much weight). On the 2nd round I thought “well maybe 3 and that will be it”, but I went through it and completed the 5 rounds in good form. That beat my mind!!!I did the Booty challenge too (before & after) πŸ˜€ and skipped for 5 mins only, I felt totally drained. Added to the warm up (usually 10 mins) and stretching (other 10 min more or less) and felt like a champion afterwards πŸ™‚ Baby steps but in the right direction!

    Have a nice week everybody!!

  • Well, I did this workout this morning. I had a tough time today, emotionally more than physically. I was so UNfocused on this workout I didn’t even remember to do 5 rounds. It wasn’t until I was in the shower that I realized I only did 3 rounds, so disappointed with myself. I did focus at least on making sure form was good. I took my sandbag from behind on my shoulders to holding in front at my chest for the lunges and squat combo. I found that really got my heart rate up a whole lot more due to weight sitting at my heart level. I also had to tap into my core strength more doing the squat to make sure my back was straight.

    Soooooo…. I wanted to ask you a question, Tatianna or anyone can jump in and offer up an answer if they desire….. I welcome any advice….. Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes? ‘Cause I have to say, somedays I feel like yelling to the world, JUST BACK OFF πŸ™‚ I am a stay at home mother of 4, care for my physically dependent, emotionally demanding mother and, of course, have to make sure husband is happy πŸ™‚ I feel like I spend so much time making sure everyone is happy and healthy that I tend to forget about myself and then foolishly think everyone has forgotten me as well. Also, I tend to help out other people around me even if it puts me out a bit. And I am starting to get upset with myself for always saying yes πŸ™‚ Now, don’t get me wrong, I help others cause it does make me feel good not because I look for anything in return, I have no expectations. Being a woman doesn’t help either I guess lol. I think I am just a mental case and should probably resign myself to that fact lol. Generally, I am fairly positive person it’s just that there are times I wonder what I am doing wrong or right.

  • sus

    Hey Tati I did this one today in 28 min 28 sec. I used my 8lb dumbbells for the 1st exercise and my 25lb kettle bell for the 2nd and 3rd. I thought I was going to die. I went running afterwards for cardio. I feel great now!

    • Hey Susu,

      I’ve been wondering where have you been my sweets πŸ™‚

  • what were you on when you created this little devious workout? Tremendous but omg my legs are still wobbly and I can feel my glutes throbbing away….i even did an extra long stretch….wonder if i’ll be able to walk tomorrow…..

    • Ha Ha Ha, I’m always high on life!!! :))

  • Sdravstvujte,

    Da, ya sdelau takoe video, sejchas u menya uge namecheno parochku drugih, i posle ya snimu video pro to kak pribavit ves.

  • I loved this! 26 minutes πŸ™‚

  • Mary Lou

    Insanely hard 33:55. 30 lbs for the first 2 rounds of the first exercise, then dropped to 20. 40 lbs all the way thru on the toe raises and 30 lbs on the dumbbell swings for the first 2 rounds then dropped to 20. Those side bends are ridiculously hard! Can’t wait for more as I just started the 2nd week on my new schedule. I can feel my calves…

  • MariaBjΓΈrgJepsen

    This one was my workout for today, I did a little better than last time (15 seconds faster). I followed up with “Abs Inferno”, such a great sweat! Happy Monday to all of you πŸ™‚

  • My first TatiannaΒ΄s lowerbody w/o ever! That was hard! Much harder than it looks on paper. I used only 4 kg dumbbels for the first two exercises (enough for me) and used 10 kg bag for the swings. The last exercise was my favourite! I think I found new muscles. =D This took from me 26 min 55 sec. Thank you, IΒ΄m really feeling my legs now. I finished with ab bonus and 20 min cardio and with my own perky butt challenge. (I completed TatiΒ΄s butt challenge last week.) =D Tomorrow upper body! =D

    • Hello 4 months ago me! =D I repeated this w/o today; again used 4 kg dumbbells, but 12 kg bag for the swings. My time was now…. 22 min 59 sec! Pretty good, almost four minutes faster! It was still crazy hard, but yeah, I could feel it that I was stronger. ItΒ΄s so wonderful to see some progress. =D

  • Naomi

    Revisited this workout today – and did it right I hope! Last time I did 24 reps of the first exercise, which was totally overkill and lead to me throwing in the towel after 4 rounds. Today I only did 12 reps of the first one – 18 kg sandbag for exercise 1+2 and a 10 kg weightplate for the swings (had to watch my back). I held my sandbag in front today, and it definetely felt better during the jump squats and it was super challenging for my core to hold it. I used 25:21 mins for the five rounds. Finished with 5th Element Abs and a headstand challenge I am doing for myself.

  • Did this today, 4 rounds in 38 minutes, I wanted to quit after the first round lol I’m very happy I’m focusing now on proper form instead of speed cause it was hurting my joints, and I’m loving splitting routines, I’m so glad I found you Tati! My knees hurts sometimes so I try not to force it when it happens.

    Thanks for another great workout πŸ™‚

  • KirryKaatje

    I’m pooped! I did this after a long day at work. Perfect ‘mind-clearer’, because you really have to focus on your balance with those lunges. I did 5 rounds in 42:23. I have used a backpack filed with stuff as weight.. I think around 7 kilo, maybe a little more or less, and I’ve used my 10 kg kettlebell for the swings. Now dinertime! <3

  • Oh, my dear me, this was insanely hard! I have to admit that legs are my weakest point, so I used 7 kg weight for everything and increased reps for toe lifts, and it still took me 31:49 min! That said, this was my first lower body workout with Tati, and recovering frommy knee problems, I consider it a success. πŸ˜‰

  • I did this simple but poweful workout. I used a 30lbs Barbell and for the swings 20lbs DB. I did 20/20 workout by Cassey.

  • JB

    1/8/13: really liked this workout! 21min, 62 sec. Used 23 lb sandbag for 1st and 2nd exercises and a 10 lb KB for the swings. Finished with ZWOW #10
    Thanks Tati for a great workout πŸ™‚

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  • Hi Tati! πŸ™‚ Just did this workout, because today is my LOWER BODY day! :)) Done in a fasted state (I try to work in a fasted state as often as possible) and it took me 23:39. I used my 11kg sandbag for the Calve Raises and 8kg kettlebell for the swings. The last exercise is a killeeeeer! :)))
    Also because I do your Firm Booty Challenge, I did 60x Glute Bridges pre-workout and the rest (One Leg Ball Bridges + Tight Boody Hold) post-workout :))) I am sure I will have a great day now :)))

  • Cassidy

    29:48. I could have been faster, but I worked out on an empty stomach. I’m still having trouble knowing when my body wants to train fasted vs. when it would prefer to be fed first…I guess it just takes time to learn. :/

  • Carmen Parara

    One of my favourites lower body workouts. I felt every muscle working and made and effort to imagine the movement targeting my obliques, inner thighs, glutes. I used a pair of 15lb dumbbells for back lunge and toe lifts and 25 lb kettlebell for swings. I did 14 reps for back lunge, 30 reps for toe lifts and swings. My time was 36.42.59 I drank water in between sets; that was my rest period as my left hand was getting tired of holding the dumbbell.
    Thank you Zivenaberry for suggesting the isometric squat side bend, it was a great exercise!

  • Tracey

    Can’t wait to do this one tomorrow.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    31:13 ?????? ?????????? ?? ??????))

    • WOW ??? ?????? 31:13, ? ?? ???? ??? 50 ? ????, ?????! ? ???? ???!!!

      • Olga Tihencaia

        sto to oni oznaceaiut))))