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Hello My Lovies,

Today I wanted to start a new challenge, this challenge is going to improve our posture and strengthen our core from the inside. This is going to be very simple to follow, and will only take 3 minutes per day of your morning time, or which ever time of the day you pick. The benefits of this challenge will be extremely beneficial, it’s gonna help you not only to improve your posture, strengthen your back and core, but it’s gonna improve your exercise form even further, and you guys know how obsessed I am with good exercise form.

I am going to do this challenge for a month daily, to bring more awareness to my posture and core, then we can cut it down to 3 times per week.

The Posture Challenge


Rules of the challenge are very simple:

Every morning when you wake up, you are going to do 3 exercises for your back, they will be 1 minute each.

First exercise, place your hands behind your back and lock your hands together, keep your shoulder blades tight, like this:




You will hold this position for 1 minute, you can use your Gymboss timer to track your time.

Next Exercise, bring your hands behind your head and lock your hands together, straighten out your back and posture as much as you can, you will hold this position also for 1 minute.  This is what the exercise looks like:




Last Exercise, you will set your timer for 1 minute interval, and you will do 1 exercise on a balance ball,

  • The Crown Lift

This is what it looks like step by step:

Lay down on your balance ball with your feel touching the wall, your hands will go forward like this:




Next you will use your back to lift up as far as you you can go like this:




Now, squeeze your shoulder blades together and lower your hands by your sides like this:




You will repeat this exercise until 1 minute is up.

If you don’t have a balance ball, you can do regular back lifts on the floor. You can change variations of back lifts every few days.


The Core Challenge

The reason we are doing the back and core together, is because to have a strong healthy back, you have to have a strong healthy core as well.

This is going to be very simple and hard at the same time. Your challenge is to use and tighten your core throughout the day for as long as you can while walking, sitting, running, exercising etc ( You should always have your core tight when you workout anyway ).

When you tighten your core, make sure you check your posture at all times and straighten out if you need to, this is also part of the challenge.

By the end of this challenge you will notice a huge difference in your posture, back and core, which in turn help you keep a perfect form while exercising.


Let’s do the challenge together my darlings,



PS – I wrote an article while back called ” The Importance of Posture and How To Strengthen Your Back “, check that out as well, I have a lot of useful info in there.

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