Dream Body Blast Workout

Sep 10, 2011 by

Today’s workout is a combination of cardio and resistance training. The intervals were much shorter than I normally do, but the exercises were harder, so it was a perfect combination.

This workout broke down into 4 parts and each part was about 5 minutes long ( a tiny bit under ). There were 2 exercises in each part. I only took about 1 minute break in between ( just to catch my breath ), so don’t be taking longer breaks than that. Since all together this was a 20 minute workout, I did some moderate jump rope cardio for an additional 10 minutes, this is just to give you your body that extra fat burning time it needs ( because the body starts burning the actual fat after about 15 -20 minutes of intensive training ).

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The 330 Workout

Sep 8, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a complete muscle torture for the whole body. I think it’s great to do these types of workouts at least once a week, it really kicks your body into shape. This workout felt like it went by really fast, but when I looked at the time it was a lot longer than I thought.

I was using a set of 10 lbs dumbbells, if you don’t have dumbbells you can just use your own bodyweight or you can use a backpack and fill it up with books ( that will give you the extra resistance). Remember that you don’t need equipment to workout, you just have get creative.

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Hot Cardio Madness Workout

Sep 7, 2011 by

Today’s’ workout was really fun and it was some serious cardio! I absolutely loved this workout, it was tough, not boring and all over the place!
It was 30 minutes long ( my perfect number 🙂 ) and it had 7 exercises total. In the last round I was really struggling and loosing my breath, but I felt incredible once I was done.

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My New Diet Refinement

Sep 6, 2011 by

For the last couple of month’s I’ve been going a little crazy when it comes to eating too many snack bars :). Let’s just say I haven’t really been indulging a little on snack bars :), more like 4 or 5 sweet bars and half of large dark chocolate bar and tons of fruit – a day. When we eat this much sugar, our energy levels start to suffer ( mine especially ). I notice that I am having a hard time sleeping and a much harder time working out and much longer time recovering after my workouts.

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My Beauty Rules And Secrets

Sep 5, 2011 by

Today I wanted to share some of my personal beauty rules and secrets that I live by. I believe that nature gives beauty to everyone, but it is up to us how we take care of it.

Growing up in Russia I was always around women who always had it all together and were put together beautifully. I guess it is something that’s part of our culture, women always dress up, have a perfect manicure and pedicure, even if they are going out to the supermarket for food. In Moscow you will not see a woman in sweat pants or flip flops, if you do, she must be sleep walking, LOL.

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Show It Off Workout

Sep 3, 2011 by

Today’s workout is a combination of a circuit training and interval training cardio. In the first part of the routine you will be focusing on abs, booty and upper body. The second part is cardio. I am pretty sure you will be able to beat my time in the first part of the workout, because I was having quite a difficulty with the first exercise and trust me it’s a lot harder than it looks. So that exercise kind of dragged me down a bit. I didn’t even feel like working out today, but I pushed through anyway, but I felt incredible after I completed, and you will to :).

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Love Your Body Workout

Sep 2, 2011 by

I had a whole different workout planned for today but since my new toy got here I had to change everything around – and it was fun! You don’t have to use the equipment I am using, you can substitute it with chairs, I will show you how :).

Today’s workout was at a very good pace, and it was 18 minutes long. I stayed very consistent with my reps. It’s very important that your reps don’t’ drop too low ( from first to last round ), if they do, shorten the max interval.

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Organic Chicken Liver Benefits

Sep 1, 2011 by

The picture above might look like it’s something inappropriate, but don’t be fooled because it’s delicious chicken liver 🙂 and it is one of my favorite things to eat.

It was also one of my favorite things when I was growing up. In Russia it’s very common to eat liver, but I don’t think a lot of people here in US like it very much, at least I’ve never met anyone here who does. It is actually a very healthy food and it has a lot of nutrients and vitamins ( as long as you buy it organic ).

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