How To Lift and Firm Your Face...

Aug 27, 2017 by

Today I would love to share with you something that I discovered several months ago and now it has become a staple in my daily anti-aging beauty routine. This has been a long time secret of celebrities and it is also been called a lunch time face lift, because you literally see your face lift.

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The Meaning Of Random Coincide...

Aug 16, 2017 by

In today’s video I would like to share with you my perspective on what are the things which we often pass as random coincidences.  Im going to start by sharing a very personal story… It all happen about 5 years ago.

My whole life I’ve been noticing strange things happening all around me, and as most of us think, I thought they were only coincidences, randomly happening as life was passing me by. In this Talkchology video I share my story, my so called awakening story, awakening from the illusion of physical life on autopilot. 

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Heart To Heart and The Meaning...

Jul 5, 2017 by

I’m back with another Talkchology with Tati! In this video I would like to share with you guys some heart to heart talk as well as my own perspective on what real friendships mean to me.

I’ve noticed there is something strange going on with so many people. Not exactly strange but a lot of really fast pace changes are happening this year. Changes are always great, they are the only constant we have, as long as we don’t resist them. 

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Life Begins After 30

May 30, 2017 by

Hello my Lovies,

I would love to start by quoting a very funny Russian quote, I’m not sure who said it so I will leave it to be unknown:

I’m in that age where all the cockroaches left my head, my ears do not hold any more spaghetti made of BS, but my potential is still Ohh La La. “

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Trust The Process Of Life

May 9, 2017 by

Hello my Lovies,
I’m back with another Talkchology video to feed your mind and soul! I made this video for everyone who is constantly in their head panicking and trying to figure out all of their steps at once. Our human ego instinct is in a constant need for security, permanence and the “need to know the outcome” of everything. We get so attached to the idea that we have to have it all figured out and layer out in front of us, except life doesn’t work like that, because in this life experience things are more simple and more complicated at the same time.

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Can Love Last in a Relationshi...

May 1, 2017 by

Hello My Lovies,

I have a new video for you guys! In this video I will answer a question from one of my viewers: Can Love Last in a Relationship, for 10, 20 or 30 years or is it just a habit? As with all of the advice that I share with you guys, I only give you my own perspective and experience.

I believe its always best to collect information from many so to speak teachers, I say that because we are the teachers of each other.

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