Amazing Natural Face Scrub Rec...

Dec 10, 2011 by

As you know I always try to limit the use of chemicals on my skin and I never ever buy scrubs, unless I can find my favorite scrub by Jason. But when I don’t have my Jason scrub I always make my own. This recipe I tried a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying it’s benefits ever since. Every time I use it my skin is glowing and very happy. And all you need is only 3 ingredients.

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Food Diary Regimen Video

Dec 8, 2011 by

Hi everyone,

By a lot of requests from my Russian subscribers on my YouTube channel I made this video about my daily food regimen. I added one small segment to it that I do every morning that had nothing to do with diet, just something that I do every morning to help my day go smoothly and creatively. It’s called Morning Pages and I talk about it in the video.

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Push & Pull Workout

Dec 4, 2011 by

Today’s workout was a follow up to ” Go Beyond Workout “. In this routine I focused on the upper body as well as some cardio interval training at the end. It is very important to push your self above your own bar, otherwise you will never get the results you desire. In order to get the body and mind of your dreams we have to go outside of our comfort zone. If a certain exercises looks really hard and you want to do something easier instead because you don’t think it’s ” your thing “, then you don’t really want the change.

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Go Beyond Workout!

Dec 3, 2011 by

Today’s workout was again focused on the lower body, butt, legs and just a little bit of abs. And today was one of those days for me that I just wanted to complain about everything and skip on my training, well :) I complained just a bit but I did my training. It totally burned my butt!

This routine I was using Isometric technique as in the Isometric Burn Workout and I have an upgrade on my Blue Medicine Ball from 8lbs to 12 :) and trust me 4 lbs extra really make a difference.

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Mind Is Everything Workout

Dec 1, 2011 by

Today’s workout is a follow up routine to yesterday’s Tear It Up Workout. In this workout I was focusing on the upper body and abs. This routine got pretty tough at the end, and in my last sequence of exercises I could barely finish it. But this is also a very fun routine because I incorporated some really cool new exercises that I came up with. I always try to get my creativity flowing when I come up with these challenging moves, because I think it makes exercising more fun when we don’t do the same old moves every single time.

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Tear It Up Workout

Nov 30, 2011 by

Today’s workout, well what can I say – the name says it all :). It was very challenging for me, I can barely feel my legs and butt right now. This routines is focused on your lower body and abs. I am really focusing on building muscle at the moment so the goals is not to do as many reps as possible, but the goal of all the reps to be with the best form as possible under 14 reps.
I choose very challenging exercises and I split every exercise into separate mini routines.

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My Basic Warm-up Routine

Nov 27, 2011 by

I wanted to share my basic warm-up routine that I do every time before my workouts. Since all of my workouts are very intense the warm-up has to be longer then you would normally do for a regular moderate workout. First I wanted to share a quote from a book ” Supertraining”

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S&M Jane Workout

Nov 24, 2011 by

Today’s routine was a circuit training with the focus on upper body, back and core. At the end of this routine I did 15 minutes of moderate cardio. Moderate cardio doesn’t not always mean just jumping the rope or going on a treadmill. You can also do 4 or 5 moderate bodyweight exercises, the point is to just keep moving.

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