Food Diary Wednesday 8

Jan 24, 2013 by

Hello My Sweeties :),

I’m back with my Wednesday food log and I had lot’s of delicious things today, oink. Last week we were out of town so that’s why I didn’t post my food diary. We went back to the haunted city St. Augustine that I love so much, I made a post about it last year. I just love St. Augustine so much and I’ve missed my little ghost buddies.

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Tasty Healthy Treat Recipe

Jan 20, 2013 by

Hello my Sweeties,

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday! I made this amazing treat yesterday and wanted to share it with you guys, it’s super easy to make ( for lazy cooks like me 😛 ), and it’s very nutritious.

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Deliciousness Salad Recipe

Jan 11, 2013 by

Hello sweets,

I wanted to share with you an amazing recipe, I love this salad so much that I keep eating it almost daily now. I’ve talked about it in my Food Diary Wednesday 7. The salad comes with a homemade dressing as well. I’ve completely stopped buying dressing from the stores because even the healthy kind still has some kind of ingredient that I don’t like or don’t eat.

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Food Diary Wednesday 7

Jan 10, 2013 by

Hello My Sweets,

One more food diary log for me :). Today I barely had any appetite, had to literally force my self to eat. Yesterday I did this insane strength cardio workout, the name I gave it was ” Shock Cardio Workout “, we will be filming it on Saturday. OMG I am so sore today all I want to do is lay down and not move, but it’s all in a good way so don’t get scared ( Evil Face 🙂 ).

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Food Diary Wednesday 6

Jan 3, 2013 by

Hello My Lovies,

I’ve discovered the most amazing healthiest popcorn ever!!! Every time I go to a health food store I find more and more foods that I need to try, I am thinking about collecting all kind of new foods that I’ve recently discovered and share it with you on here on the blog. Another thing that I’ve discovered is the most amazing super duper natural organic and chemical free face and body cream, I wanted to share it with you in this post but then I’ve decided this amazing cream deserves it’s own post ( which is under 10 dollars by the way and I found it in my local store and the ingredients were the best I’ve ever seen in a cream ).

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Healthy Coconut Muffins Recipe

Dec 27, 2012 by

Hello My Lovies,

I have a super tasty recipe for you guys, I was inspired to make these by my recent visit to a delicious vegetarian restaurant, except theirs had a lot less coconut and a lot more sugar in it, probably a bucket of sugar cause they were a bit too sweet for my taste. I made these from scratch, as usual all of my recipes have only a few ingredients and these muffins took about 1 our of baking.

I always use coconut oil instead of butter on top of my muffins or toast, but you can use what ever you like.

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