Food Diary Wednesday 7

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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello My Sweets,

One more food diary log for me :). Today I barely had any appetite, had to literally force my self to eat. Yesterday I did this insane strength cardio workout, the name I gave it was ” Shock Cardio Workout “, we will be filming it on Saturday. OMG I am so sore today all I want to do is lay down and not move, but it’s all in a good way so don’t get scared ( Evil Face 🙂 ).

This is what I ate today:


A huge cup of coffee in my favorite Buddha cup which you already saw several times. I don’t get hungry in the morning right away so it takes me a few hours to get in the swing of eating.

2 hours after my coffee I had this little carrot souffle, it wasn’t the best tasting thing and it would probably be much better if I made something like this my self. I got it at Publix and it only had a few natural ingredients, low on sugar, 9g of protein and only few grams of fat ( but I never like to count anyway ):


What I ate On Wednesday



I usually have my lunch about 2-3 hours after my breakfast, since today my breakfast was quite small I had my lunch 2 hours later.


What I ate On Wednesday


For lunch I had a whole grain tortilla ( I warm it up on a pan in coconut oil ), black lentils, steam vegetable with garlic ( don’t know what’s the name of it but it’s blue and in a shape of a cucumber ), chicken.




What I ate On Wednesday


I had chips from blue potatoes, carrots and kabocha ( and I don’t even know what that is but I like it 🙂 ).  Lately I’ve been loving me some veggie chips and blue potato chips, or sweet potato chips and occasionally I have some regular potato chips but the natural kind without any chemicals.  As you know I don’t like to deprive my self of things I want, it’s all about balance not restriction.  As you can see I eat carbs, I don’t take the skin off my chicken, and I eat chocolates at times as well.  The way I eat is if I’m craving it I allow it.




What I ate on Wednesday


This is the most amazing and the most favorite salad of mine at the moment.  I’ve eaten this 4-5 times within 2 week period already. I am going to post the recipe for this salad tomorrow as well as the homemade dressing its made with.  You’re gonna really love this salad :).


That was today’s feast for me, what was yours?

Hugs and more Hugs,


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