Food Diary Wednesday 6

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Hello My Lovies,

I’ve discovered the most amazing healthiest popcorn ever!!!  Every time I go to a health food store I find more and more foods that I need to try, I am thinking about collecting all kind of new foods that I’ve recently discovered and share it with you on here on the blog.  Another thing that I’ve discovered is the most amazing super duper natural organic and chemical free face and body cream, I wanted to share it with you in this post but then I’ve decided this amazing cream deserves it’s own post ( which is under 10 dollars by the way and I found it in my local store and the ingredients were the best I’ve ever seen in a cream ).

For the New Years I was so naughty it was absurd, when we went to our friends house he had so many goodies there like potato chips, some cheesy snacks, pizza and whole bunch of other stuff and I stuffed my self so much that the next day my stomach still hurt, I was a greedy totem :).

OK so this is what I munched on today:



As usual I’ve had a huge cup of coffee. I didn’t really feel hungry so I skipped breakfast.  I never force my self to eat and If I don’t feel like eating I always skip a meal and listen to my body.



For lunch me and Miguel went out to eat at Panera Bread and I have to give them some props because they have a hormone and antibiotic free turkey salad.  That is exactly what I ordered. It also had some dried cherries and some walnuts I believe


What I ate On Wednesday



They always serve a huge piece of white bread and sometimes I would eat it but I didn’t feel all that hungry so I brought the bread for Lulu, Luie and New La Rabbits to share, they loved it :).




What I ate On Wednesday


I discovered this incredible popcorn in Whole Foods.  I love popcorn and this one is truly an amazing snack. Check out the ingredients ( Oh I just noticed you can’s see the protein, but it had 5 g of protein per serving ):


What I ate On Wednesday



For dinner I always eat a bit more because sometimes I like to go for long walks at night and I need some energy, as you know I do intermittent fasting so I stop eating at 8 pm and I fast for 16 hours daily.  If I don’t have a large dinner I will get too hungry at bedtime if I do my long walk.

This is what I ate tonight:


What I ate On Wednesday


I went to Whole Foods for dinner and I got my favorite Raw Salmon, Salad & Avocado Rice Bowl.  I had to settle for white rice because they didn’t have my usual favorite with the brown rice ( I almost never ever eat plain white rice because ).  I also had a Kombucha, the flavor was Third Eye Chai ( my favorite flavor ).

For dessert I had 2 almond ice-cream bars, I cannot ever just have one of these things, I always need to have at least 2 or 3.

When I got home I also had some Whole Dates ( not pitted ).  I never usually count how many I eat, but this time I did so I can let you guys know.  I ate 14 dates this time.


What I ate On Wednesday


And that was what all I ate today 🙂


What did you guys eat?





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