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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello My Sweeties :),

I’m back with my Wednesday food log and I had lot’s of delicious things today, oink. Last week we were out of town so that’s why I didn’t post my food diary. We went back to the haunted city St. Augustine that I love so much, I made a post about it last year. I just love St. Augustine so much and I’ve missed my little ghost buddies.

Anyway, this week I’ve been trying to eat quite healthy, I’ve been craving lot’s of salads and coconuts. This is what I ate today:


You know my huge cup of coffee, I’ve had that before today’s workout. I did a full body workout, it was very light and only 20 minutes long. I took 5 days off from training and I really needed it, so today’s workout I did fasted ( I feel more energy with fasted workouts ).

After my workout Lunch:


What I ate on Wednesday


Here I have lightly cooked peppers with garlic, bok choy and chicken.  Usually I wait about an hour after my workout to eat, but I was very hungry and when I feel so hungry I just eat.

1 hour later snack:


What I ate on Wednesday


Whole Grain Brown Rice Crisp ( No GMO ) Organic and Organic Peanut Butter ( Crunchy ).


2nd Snack – 2 hours later 


What I ate on Wednesday


I’ve been really obsessed with coconuts lately and I’ve found an amazing farmers market by my house that’s open all the time, they have coconuts for 2 dollars each, so I bought everything they had and now I’ve been eating a coconut every day.

My other snack is a fiber bar, these bars are very delicious and I’ve been getting different flavors.  It contains 48% of your daily fiber and has perfect ingredients. If you live in US you can find these bars in stores like Marshals and TJ Max, they are much cheaper than getting them at Whole Foods.


What I ate On Wednesday


I’ve had a salad with baby kale, avocado, 2 eggs and tomatoes. I make my tomatoes on the pan with my eggs.  I salted everything with Himalayan Salt. I’ve had pineapple for dessert :).

That was my feast :), What did you guys eat today?

We are filming new abs workout tomorrow :),  Hugs,


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