Tailfeather Posse Workout

Oct 5, 2012 by

Hello My Darling Lovies,

I am back with a new lower body workout! This is a circuit training routine, and it took me 30 minutes and 38 seconds to complete, but I am sure you’re gonna beat me at my time, because it’s been very humid here in FL and I was struggling to breathe.

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Force Of Muscle Workout

Sep 28, 2012 by

Hello My Lovie-Dovies!

So happy to share another workout with you! This upper body circuit routine took me 35 minutes and 58 seconds to complete and it was very very hard, the good news is that it’s only 1 itsie-bitsie round :), but it was evil! I started out all nice and cheery, did all of the 50 Acro Spiderman Push-ups without a break, and by the 4th exercise my hands were shaking.

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Quest For Booty Workout

Sep 19, 2012 by

Hello My Lovie-Dovies!

Hope you are having a fabulous week and already started our new ” Round Booty Challenge “. Today’s workout is circuit training for the lower body, it’s going to be quite simple routine but it’s still gonna be very challenging. I always create the routines based on the inspiration and mood, and today I felt like doing something simple.

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Magnetic Sweat Workout

Sep 8, 2012 by

Hello My Dear Lovies,

Get ready for a very hard upper body workout!!! Lately I’ve been feeling that every workout is been getting harder and harder, maybe because it’s autumn and I am feeling very motivated! Autumn is actually one of the best times of the year to start pushing your self, because in the autumn our internal clock want’s us to start analyzing and plan for new beginnings. I wrote an article about this on EvilCyber.com, which will be posted pretty soon and I will give you that link once it’s up.

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Strength Couture Cardio &...

Sep 7, 2012 by

Hello Lovies,

Today I have a very very challenging lower body strength training cardio workout. This routine was a circuit and it took me 33 minutes and 27 seconds to complete. This workout was bodyweight only, but it was extremely hard not only physically but mentally as well. I also have a little motivation talk for you at the beginning of the video.

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Catwalk Body Workout

Sep 1, 2012 by

Hello My Lovie Dovies!!!

Don’t you just love how I keep coming up with new loving nick names for you guys :P. Today’s workout is an upper body routine and it’s a follow up to yesterday’s ” Booty Pop Siren Workout “. We are going to do this routine in the similar concept we did yesterday’s workout, and it’s gonna be about 20 minutes long.

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