Nutrition: My Updated Regimen ...

Jun 25, 2012 by

Hello Darlings,

Few weeks ago I shared with you what my daily nutrition is like for the summer. But obviously I don’t eat exactly the same every single day. The days that I workout I eat just a bit more and a little different than on the days that I don’t. You already know that I don’t count my calories, I only listen to my body and sometimes if I feel like eating 4 bananas at once I just do.

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Nutrition – How I Eat In...

Jun 10, 2012 by

Hello my Darlings,

Yesterday I got a question from Beth if I do anything different with my Nutrition in the Summer and a request to share some tips. I thought it was a great idea ( thanks Beth ).

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Fiber – What You Need To...

May 28, 2012 by

Hello my darlings,

Today I wanted to share a little more about nutrition. When we seek nutrition advice, most of us usually try to find info on the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that we should consume. Fiber gets’ mentioned a lot less but it plays a big role in our nutrition. Most foods are all digested and absorbed by our body, fiber is very hard to digest so it’s only digested partially and it contains no nutrients, but it helps to promote efficient intestinal function and helps to regulate the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

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How To Lose Weight Using The G...

May 21, 2012 by

Hi everyone,

Happy beginning of the week! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, I know I did :). Tomorrow we are filming a new workout routine, and it’s gonna be super fun because we are going to be using furniture movers as our mini equipment, thanks to Eli who suggested it :). But today we have another guest post, please welcome David Dack.

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Drinking Coffee: Wise Choice B...

May 7, 2012 by

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and got your rest. We are filming a new workout tonight and it will be ready tomorrow afternoon. Today we have another guest post from Diana Maria, she previously wrote an article for Loving Fit called ” 3 Tips For Finding The Best Sports Bra “, let’s welcome her back :).

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Healthy Food Guide And Menu Sa...

Mar 7, 2012 by

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been asked more questions about writing a healthy food guide and menu sample for at least a week. I thought this was a great idea because I noticed people only struggle with nutrition when they don’t have the right guidance. I’ve put together a lot of great ideas and gathered up all the posts and recipes I’ve written that would help you with healthy food options. This is how I eat on a regular basis and I hope this will help you to expand your menu of healthy choices.

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