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Benefits Of Fiber


Hello my darlings,

Today I wanted to share a little more about nutrition.  When we seek nutrition advice, most of us usually try to find info on the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that we should consume. Fiber gets’ mentioned a lot less but it plays a big role in our nutrition. Most foods are all digested and absorbed by our body, fiber is very hard to digest so it’s only digested partially and it contains no nutrients, but it helps to promote efficient intestinal function and helps to regulate the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

Fiber is broken down into two forms: soluble and insoluble, and it’s only found in plants and never in an animal source.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water, and is found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, brown rice, oats, etc. It doesn’t help with digestion but it helps to decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water but absorbs many times its own weight, it expands in the intestine causing an increase in fiber bulk. After expanding these bulking agents help to clear the gastrointestinal track of all it’s waste.

Insoluble fiber is found in whole grains, legumes, fruits, and other foods. This is why we have to eat unprocessed and unrefined foods because insoluble fiber is key in eliminating waste by increasing stool bulk and may also help with digestive problems. Insoluble fiber is what gives you the full feeling after eating certain foods ( foods that contain fiber 🙂 ). If you eat this type of fiber on a regular basis, the amount of time digested food sits in the intestine is decreased. This helps keep the body from absorbing starch and sugars in the intestine.

According to the American Heart Association ( AHA ) and National Cancer Institute it is recommended that we consume 25-30 grams of fiber a day, but most people only consume about 12 grams. You will be very surprised to look at the following chart and find out that you are eating a lot less fiber then you think.

The following foods and servings contain only 10 grams of fiber:



  • All Bran – 1/2 cup
  • Rolled Oats – 1 cup
  • Whole Grain Cereal – 1 cup
  • Whole Rye Bread – 3 slices
  • Whole Wheat Bread – 4 slices
  • Shredded Wheat – 4 large pieces
  • Bag Of Popcorn – 4 oz



  • Mixed Beans – 1/2 cup
  • Lentils – 1/2 cup
  • Steamed Vegetables – 3 cups
  • Carrots – 4 large carrots
  • Mixed Salad – 4 servings
  • Raw Cauliflower – 5 cups



  • Pears – 3
  • Bananas – 3
  • Peaches – 4
  • Blackberries – 4 oz
  • Apples – 5
  • Oranges – 6
  • Dried Figs – 10
  • Prunes – 20


I bet you are very surprised to see that in such large amounts there are only 10 g of fiber. So now you know that part of eating healthy it’s also including the right amour of fiber.


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