Training Beast! Real Time Work...

Mar 4, 2015 by

Hello my Lovesies!

Finally a new workout routine 🙂 Today I’ve got another Real Time Workout and this routine is also a Full Body Routine, bodyweight and only 20 minutes long. You can either follow me in the video or do it your self at your own pace.

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Playground Workout in Real Tim...

Feb 2, 2015 by

Hello my Lovies, happy Monday to you all!

I feel so happy to be able to share a new workout for you guys! This workout is Full Body and in real time. We filmed in on the playground ( as the tittle suggests ), it was really fun, but as it turns out much harder to step out of my normal training habitat. Right now, the weather in Florida is just gorgeous, about 60 degrees daily, beautiful blue sky and sun shines beautifull, what a blessing! Everyone is counting down to the spring and summer and I want this winter to never end!

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Glutes & Problem Areas Ac...

Dec 1, 2014 by

Hello my Lovies,

Not so long ago ( I cannot believe this either ) I discovered a little secret of how to target problem areas in each and every single workout. The thing is, most women have problem areas and those areas seem to be the hardest to tone up or get rid of. Another thing I’ve discovered is that you could be working out your Glutes, and doing all the amazing exercises, but if you don’t properly activate them, you will be more dominant in your quads, so instead your legs will grow, but your butt will not get the desired results.

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336 Reps Reversed Pyramid Uppe...

Nov 5, 2014 by

Hello my sweeties, my dear Lovies 🙂

Get ready for an amazing upper body workout! I got to tell you upfront, this one is HARD and can take a little long, but I also promise you it’s really fun! This workout has 336 reps total in a Reversed Pyramid Style.

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Flow Of Movement Cardio Challe...

Sep 22, 2014 by

Hello my Lovies,

Beautiful Monday to you all! On my time its’ technically still a Sunday night, but since I have Lovies all over the world for some of you it’s already a Monday :). I have this very fun Cardio Workout Challenge for you guys, I would suggest you do this as an a addition to your regular workout, but this is not an easy one, it’ snot as easy as it looks, so you can even do this as a challenge on a separate day. The name of this Cardio Challenge is The Flow Of Movement, because our goal is to focus on the flow of each movement into the next in Really Good Form. You should be flowing through this routine, not rushing, but you can still time it for your own record.

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Bootybuilder & Burner Car...

Aug 27, 2014 by

Hello my Lovies,

I’m always extremely exited to share another workout with you guys! This workout was inspired by my favorite Russian Fitness Bikini Champion ( Ekaterina Usmanova ). In this workout we are not going to be working on adding mass, but we are going to be working on lifting and rounding, in other words polishing up your butt!

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