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Hello my Lovies,

I’m always extremely exited to share another workout with you guys! This workout was inspired by my favorite Russian Fitness Bikini Champion ( Ekaterina Usmanova ). In this workout we are not going to be working on adding mass, but we are going to be working on lifting and rounding, in other words polishing up your butt!

This workout is divided into 2 parts, in the first part we are going to be focusing on strength cardio and draining our muscle glycogen. This cardio will be done in intervals, but not for speed, for quality and good form.

In Second part of this workout we will be doing the “polishing up” part.

Now, I have an exciting story to share with you guys, this morning it made me so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that I still cannot believe it.

I have been following Ekaterina Usmanova for a while, and I just adore her inner and outer beauty, strength, dedication and radiance that shines through her, she has been one of my huge motivators in the past year or so. A few days ago, I decided to give it a shot and write to her, asking if she can consider giving me an interview for my youtube channel. I didn’t have my hopes up, because she is very famous, very busy and in huge demand ). But I still gave it a shot, cause if we don’t try things, we will never know how they will workout.
So, this morning I receive a letter from her, not only that, but she told me she loves watching my channel, and that I am her favorite female fitness blogger and a huge motivator.

Just picture my face at that moment. I kid you not, I thought the time had stopped, and I teleported into another time space reality where I was divided into molecules of joy, happiness, disbelief and other feelings I cannot describe. WOW the gorgeous creature that inspires me watches my videos, now I have to pinch my self, pinch pinch pinchie pinchie pinch! How cool is that?!


Now, let’s get to that workout 🙂



Workout Explanation


In this workout you will need your timer, barbell ( I was using 25 lbs, no need to go too heavy in this workout, it was designed this way ) and a balance ball.

Part 1

Set your timer for two intervals and 40 rounds, like this: 10/35=40

  • 3 Very Low Wide Mini Squat Hops Forward & Twist Jump
  • 3 Low Squat Mini Steps Forward & Twist Jump
  • Strict Side Jump Lunge Right Leg
  • Strict Side Jump Lunge Left Leg

Part 2

You can time your self, but I didn’t because your goal is really good form, not speed, also the goal is to take as little breaks as possible )

  • Thrusts on a Balance Ball with a Light Barbbell – 60 reps
  • Leg Lifts on a Balance Ball – 60 reps
  • One Leg Bridges on a Balance Ball ( 20 reps/side ) – 3 rounds total


Enjoy the workout loves!




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