Glutes & Problem Areas Activation Warm Up

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Problem Areas for Women


Hello my Lovies,

Not so long ago ( I cannot believe this either ) I discovered a little secret of how to target problem areas in each and every single workout. The thing is, most women have problem areas and those areas seem to be the hardest to tone up or get rid of. Another thing I’ve discovered is that you could be working out your Glutes, and doing all the amazing exercises, but if you don’t properly activate them, you will be more dominant in your quads, so instead your legs will grow, but your butt will not get the desired results.

So, after doing some research, I’ve came across very different variation of Glute and Problem Area activation warm-ups, after playing around with many different exercises for this warm-up, I’ve decided that these specific ones work the best.

You will do this warm-up prior to each and every one of your Lower Body Workouts, as well as each of your Cardio sessions.

  • Hip Flexor Stretches – 1 minute/each side
    Thrusts On a Balance Ball – 30 reps
    Bridges with Dumbbell – 20 reps
    Kick Backs with Resistance Band – 20 reps/each side
    Step-ups & Knee-Up – 15 reps/each side
    Leg Lifts on a Balance Ball – 20 reps
    Bodyweight Squats – 30 reps
    Squat Pulses against a Balance Ball – 30 reps



Please do let me know of your results with this warm-up, I always love to hear your feedback.



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