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Hello my Lovies,

Beautiful Monday to you all! On my time its’ technically still a Sunday night, but since I have Lovies all over the world for some of you it’s already a Monday :). I have this very fun Cardio Workout Challenge for you guys, I would suggest you do this as an a addition to your regular workout, but this is not an easy one, it’ snot as easy as it looks, so you can even do this as a challenge on a separate day. The name of this Cardio Challenge is The Flow Of Movement, because our goal is to focus on the flow of each movement into the next in Really Good Form. You should be flowing through this routine, not rushing, but you can still time it for your own record.



Workout Explanation


There is 2 exercise combos and I suggest you time both of them separately, that way you can tell where you should focus on most, and next time you do it, you can compare how much you have progressed. All you will need is your timer, a wall and your Let’s Get This Done With Good Form Attitude!

Set your timer as a stopwatch.

  • Combo 1 – 60 reps

Reset your timer as a stopwatch

  • Equinox Flow Jump Combo – 60 reps


Have fun with it!



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