Roses and Chocolate Body Scrub...

Jun 10, 2013 by

Happy Monday my Lovies!!!

Wishing you a beautiful beginning of the week! Today I have another beauty recipe for you guys. As you know, most products today contain some kind of chemicals and if you buy organic chemical free products those can be very expensive, especially if you like your products luxurious like I do. So, my solution is making mine at home. I’ve been making my own scrub bars and body butter bars at home for many months now and my recipes are getting better and better.

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Homemade Anti Aging Massage Ba...

Apr 3, 2013 by

Hello my Lovies,

I have an amazing recipe for Anti Aging Massage bars that you can also use as a body butter. There are 100% natural bars, they are very easy to make and only take few ingredients. These are very luxurious and smell divine, I love how they melt into my skin when I apply then and my skin feels super soft. You can play around with this recipe, you can also add essential oils of the smell of your choice, but I didn’t add any cause they smell amazing by them selves. I used specific oils for their anti-aging benefits. I made 6 bars, each bar usually lasts me 3-4 times of application.

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Anti Aging Anti Cellulite Scru...

Mar 20, 2013 by

Hello my Sweeties,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a beauty post, it was definitely due. I’m gonna start making more of these homemade cosmetics posts, because I really enjoy making my own beauty products at home. Today I have for you an amazing recipe for Anti-Aging & Anti-Cellulite Scrub bars, I’ve made so many that now I will have enough for at least 1 month and a half. Here I have 2 kins of bars, they are quite easy to make, they smell divine, leave your skin exfoliated and 100% natural.

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