Have You Been Slacking With Yo...

Mar 24, 2011 by

Have you been slacking on your workouts lately? Need motivation to get going again? If you said yes to at least one of those questions then this post is for you.

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Why Creative People Are So Com...

Mar 7, 2011 by

Why creative people are so complex? Creativity it self, is all about energy. It’s about the doors we leave open to that energy. It is very complex, almost like another dimension. Once you feel it, you feel everything around you.

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Quote Of The Day… How Do...

Mar 1, 2011 by

“Everything in life is connected somehow. You may have to dig deep to find it but its there. Everything is the same even though its...

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Nerves & Frustration And ...

Feb 26, 2011 by

How to deal with stress in a fun way.

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Emotions & Swinging It Up

Feb 20, 2011 by

Emotions are our navigation’s through life.  I believe that emotions are the keys to the outside world as well as our inner...

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Always Do What You Are Afraid ...

Feb 19, 2011 by

I feel that the reason we think about giving up is fear. Fear of Life , Failure and Fear of Success. Because success comes with a lot of responsibility, and often judgement from others. It takes a certain character to handle that type of pressure.

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