Why Creative People Are So Complex

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As I floated through my latest addiction aka The Huffington Post, I couldn’t help by notice a very interesting article that caught my eye right away.  The Complexity of Creative Personalities. You can read it here.

The article made a lot of interesting points that I decided to make it my Thought Of The Day. It really inspired me to get into the subject of why creative people have such complex personalities.

Take for example David Lynch, what an incredible personality.  Unbelievable creativity.   Watching David Lynch in the process of creation is like watching a 3 year old making a computer from scratch.  And the Ideas, they just flow, like a waterfall.  Where does all this come from?  And how does one manage it?

I think having a creative personality, is like having a multiple personality disorder.  You have to cater to each individually, and you have to nurture them.

Creativity it self, is all about energy.  It’s about the doors we leave open to that energy.  It is very complex, almost like another dimension.  Once you feel it, you feel everything around you.   It brings you up to a higher vibration.  But it’s all about control.

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly wrote in his article in 1996  about creative personalities:

” The important thing is that they control their energy; it’s not ruled by the calendar, the dock, an external schedule.  When necessary, they can focus it like a laser beam; when not, creative types immediately recharge their batteries. ”

Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality. Great art and great science involve a leap of imagination into a world that is different from the present.  The rest of society often views these new ideas as fantasies without relevance to current reality.  And they are right. But the whole point of art and science is to go beyond what we now consider real and create a new reality.  At the same time, this “escape” is not into a never-never land.  What makes a novel idea creative is that once we see it, sooner or later we recognize that, strange as it is, it is true.



I always lived in my own world, and I didn’t really talk to many people about it.  I always felt like I know what I know, and when someone tries to talk me out of it they are crazy.  But I believe many people do just that, live in their own world.

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