Homeopathy VS Traditional Medi...

Feb 6, 2012 by

Hippocrates the father of western medicine believed that the body has the power to heal it self, all we need is the right nourishment. It seems that many have forgotten that with our modern way of living and prescription medications seems to be an answer to every illness. It seems that every time I bring up the subject of natural medicine, people either look at me like I am insane or try to argue with me and prove me wrong.

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Modern Ideas Of Beauty

Jan 17, 2012 by

The other day I found the picture above by a complete accident, I still don’t know who the author of that picture so if you know who it is, please tell me so I can give them credit. This pic started an enormous amount of thinking on my part, something inside of me just shifted. Seriously look at it! When did we become so blind? I completely understand that with every generation things change, such as style, ideas and taste, but c’mon when did skin and bones became attractive and stylish, ohh ok I remember the 90s ( LOL ).

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How To Reach Your Goals And Th...

Jan 10, 2012 by

The other day I got a question from one of my subscribers about goals. What she wanted to know is how to gather her thoughts using meditation or how ho reach her goals in general. Since I couldn’t answer such complicated question with just a few sentences I wanted to make a video about it in Russian, and not to make my English speaking readers left out, I wanted to also write about it on my blog. What I want to share with you is what really helps me in my life and I hope if can help others as well.

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Holiday Motivation – Rel...

Nov 22, 2011 by

Today I was on Facebook and as I was reading through the news feed, I saw a lot of posts from different trainers that pretty much looked like this ( and I am going to bit a little sarcastic here cause I just can’t help it 😉 ” The holidays are here, this is the time when we get tempted the most, so here are some suggestions for meals so you can avoid the holiday’s temptations ” – try to substitute your mashed potatoes with mashed broccoli, or instead of turkey stuffing use something that tastes like paper, and for the actual turkey you can use imitation because it comes in fat free. This is just my interpretation ;).

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How To Recharge Your Positivit...

Aug 14, 2011 by

One of the biggest things that stopped me in my life before was negative thoughts. I think they are the cause for many people not to take action in their life. Once a little negative thought appears in our mind, it begins to grow and turn into a chain reaction. The longer you neglect the process, the harder it is to get rid of. I’ve been doing a couple of techniques that really help me nip those negative thoughts right in the bud before they get too comfortable in my head.

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How Meditation Can Change Your...

Jul 27, 2011 by

When I look back at my life, my thoughts, and the person that I use to be, which doesn’t seem very long ago, I don’t even know who that person is. If you would of asked me 10 years ago what is meditation or awareness, I would of told you – it’s something that people do when they are bored and have nothing better to fill their time with.

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