Homeopathy VS Traditional Medicine ( My Experience )

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Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine


Hippocrates, the father of western medicine believed that the body has the power to heal it self, all we need is the right nourishment. It seems that many have forgotten that with our modern way of living and prescription medications seems to be an answer to every illness. It seems that every time I bring up the subject of natural medicine, people either look at me like I am insane or try to argue with me and prove me wrong.

I am one of the biggest supporters of homeopathy simply because it worked for me, and it was always the original method of healing the body and the mind. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that traditional medicine made a lot of progress and some people can benefit from it’s advantages as well but I personally do prefer homeopathy – it just makes more sense to me.

The difference I believe is that homeopathy works on a deeper level and connects the body and mind, tries to find the root of the problem. Where traditional medicine mostly works on treating the symptoms and usually if you have several symptoms it will take several different medications to treat those symptoms. The way I see it is this: The problem with treating only the symptoms is that it creates a chain reactions in the body creating other problems and there are always side effects – always. Homeopathic way finds imbalances in your system and helps the body to heal it self.

If you read one of my earlier posts ” How Fitness Helped me Alleviate a Bipolar disorder ” and  ” Herniated Disc and How I healed My back ” you will find more details on why homeopathic way worked best for me.  For now I just wanted to share my experiences with both:


My experience with a traditional doctor


Traditionally you go to a doctor, they weigh you, take your blood pressure, they ask you to write down all the symptoms you are experiencing and then after the doctor sees you for 10 minutes or so, then you walk out of there with some kind of prescription based on the symptoms you described. Sometimes they do a blood test, but not very often.

This has been my experience every single time I went to a regular clinic. At first I thought maybe it’s just not the right doctor, so I started doing some research. I finally found a good doctor and I made my appointment appointment. When I came for my visit, 2 hours later I was still waiting, then I was advices that the reason I am waiting is because this doctor is the best of the best and he really cares about his patients, that’s why there is always a wait. Then 2 more hours later, I was notified to just go home and wait few more hours until they call me. I did just that. Finally I got the phone call, I came back to the clinic, they gladly opened a room for me and said – ” the doctor will be in very soon “. Two more hours later ( and I am not exaggerating ), I started to get really upset, and the doctor finally shows up. He sat down with me and started asking me all kinds of questions this time it was for about an hour, I thought wow this doctor is seems great.  An hour later I walked out of there with 2 prescriptions to calm my thoughts and an appointment in 3 weeks, I was also notified there was going to be a wait.  So I wasted all this time, and in the end I ended up with the same thing, there was no other solution, just prescription.

I was very frustrated, I felt trapped. I tried to explain to him that I don’t want to take any pills, that they made me feel sick, but he kept saying if you want to feel better you are gonna have to. Really?


Homeopathy Vs Traditional Medicine


My experience with a homeopathic doctor


I came in didn’t really know what to expect, of course there was a wait, and I was in a lot of pain ( that’s when I had a back injury ). The doctor finally came in, she had a huge notebook. She put on some relaxing music and some incense I believe, she said it was going to help me relax. Then she started asking me a lot, I mean A LOT of questions, starting with my childhood, dental care, previous injuries, nutrition, dreams and a lot more personal questions. She analyzed my tongue ( In Chinese medicine they believe that the tongue holds answers to a body’s state ), my pulse beat, my eyes. She placed a very big focus on my resent dreams because she said our body always tries to tell us the problems it’s having through our dreams. Then she followed with a homeopathic shot into my back and acupuncture. She recommended me some herbs and teas, because it’s all about helping your body recover. I walked out of there with a whole new belief in medicine, I felt relieved.



Homeopathy Vs Traditional Medicine


You see, when I was growing up in Russia we didn’t’ have prescription medicine at that time, if you had a cold you drink a mixture of honey, vodka and tea. If you had a headache, there were herbs for that as well. If you were overweight you work out and eat better, because we knew there was no magic pill. And there still isn’t!

The good news is that more and more people are beginning to embrace the natural movement in medicine. Now days, the system is finally beginning to accept homeopathy as an alternative solution, there are schools, certifications, and practice centers. You can even get most insurance companies to cover your visit to homeopathic clinics. I think it makes things more fair for people who don’t wish to take the traditional route – like me.

On the closing note, I don’t’ want anyone to think that I am completely against traditional medicine, I think it has it’s advantages as well but the reason I prefer homeopathy because it just makes more sense.


Have you ever had experience with homeopathy?


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