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Eat Healthy For The Holidays


Today I was on Facebook and as I was reading through the news feed, I saw a lot of posts from different trainers that pretty much looked like this ( and I am going to bit a little sarcastic here cause I just can’t help it ;):

” The holidays are here, this is the time when we get tempted the most,  here are some suggestions for meals so you can avoid the holiday’s temptations ” – try to substitute your mashed potatoes with mashed broccoli, or instead of turkey stuffing use something that tastes like paper, and for the actual turkey you can use imitation because it comes in fat free. This is just my interpretation ;).

I can completely understand that fitness trainers are trying to be motivating, trying to help people and encourage people to eat healthy during the holidays. But this is how I look at this whole thing:

Throughout the year, every day we work on our selves, our bodies our minds, our diets. We train hard, we try to eat as healthy as we can and we try our best.

I personally want to encourage people to train hard and eat well, so when the holidays come around we can all just relax and enjoy it. To me this is what life is all about – train hard and play hard. We need this time to regain our strength and motivation, the strength in our body as well as our mind.  I think I would train much much harder if I have some relaxing time to look forward to, wouldn’t you?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say we should all pig out from Thanksgiving day all the way to New Year, Im talking about eating healthy in between the holidays, and enjoy your self on the day of the actual celebration.

There is only one Thanks Giving, there is only one Birthday, there is only one Christmas day and only one New Years and these are the days we should enjoy to the fullest! Nothing is going to happen if few days out of the year we actually enjoy the super fattening food, nothing. We are not going to gain 10 lbs or loose our six packs. So my advice to you during the holidays is – relax and enjoy life!

What are your thoughts about eating healthy on holidays?


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