How To Reach Your Goals And The Law Of Attraction

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How To Reach Your Goals


The other day I got a question from one of my subscribers about goals. What she wanted to know is how to gather her thoughts using meditation or how ho reach her goals in general. Since I couldn’t answer such complicated question with just a few sentences I wanted to make a video about it in Russian, and not to make my English speaking readers left out, I wanted to also write about it on my blog.

What I want to share with you is what really helps me in my life and I hope if can help others as well.  I was able to completely change everything around me as well as my attitude towards life.  Just several years ago I was a very different person, I complained about everything, I was depressed and I was just was blind all together. As I started expanding my knowledge about life and understanding of how it all works, I was able to change my reality very quickly. I am just a regular person and I definitely still have to work on my self to improve every day.

This is the techniques I use to always reach any goal I have, and below I also mention the key to the Law Of Attraction.


Know the smallest details of your goal


In order for you reach any goal in life that you want, you need to know and see the smallest details of those goals in your mind. For Example: Let’s say if you are trying to loose weight, you need to be specific, you need to have an exact Idea of how much weight you need to loose. If you are just saying you need to loose weight, your mind will always be confused of where to take you, and reaching your goals will take a lot longer. Be as specific as possible write down how much weight you want to loose and create a time line. Within that timeline you can also create smaller goals such as how much weight you want to loose every week. Then imagine what if would be like once you have reached that goal. Hold one to that image every day. This is just an example, but it’s something you can do with anything in your life.


The power of your thoughts


Your dominant thoughts will determine your destiny and outcome. If you look around you, it’s a place where your thoughts brought you. If there is something you don’t like, you just have to change the direction of your thought. Depending on how you deep you are in the situation, but almost immediately you will begin to notice changes as soon as you change the pattern of your thoughts. If you want to be able to reach your goals fast and without distractions you have to stand by the gates of your thoughts. You have to focus on that you want instead of what you don’t want. If you concentrate on what you want then what you don’t will disappear out of your life.


Two way thinking will get your mind confused


In this world they teach us that there is good and bad in, but in reality there is only one side – good. Because most people hang on to that belief they are in a constant struggle between good and bad. We have to let go of dual thinking and understand that there is only one power, and then you will be able to control any situation in your life at ease.

We have to discipline our thinking in a way where we only have the thoughts of abundance and good,  I’m not gonna lie, it takes work, but with time it gets much easier – believe me.   Because if one day you think abundance and the next the thoughts of lack get through, then your mind will be confused of what to bring into your life. We have to concentrate on the one and only way, the positive way no matter what surrounds your current situation. Things can be changed and we are in control of that change, and that’s the real truth we should remember.


You have to take action


When we are armed with positive thinking it is a big step, the next thing we have to do is take action. The smallest action in realization of your goals is the reaction in things coming your way. You will find it a coincidence to be meeting the people you want or need to meet, you will end up in situations where you need to be. It’s will all pretty much seem like magic, a chain of events but it is definitely NOT a coincidence. In order for it to keep going you have to hold on to the details of your goals in your mind and keep on taking action.


No need to compete there is plenty for everyone


Many people make a big mistake in thinking that in order for them to win, someone else has to loose. This is so far from the truth, but because some people hold this dual minded belief against others they have a hard time achieving their own life and goals. We have to understand that there is enough of everything in this world and there is no need for competition of any kind with others. Life is very simple, you believe in what you want and you and you will be provided with everything.


The Secrets To The Law Of Attraction


In order for the law of attraction to work our desires must be strong enough and the picture in our mind clear. Without a strong desire we cannot achieve what we truly want.  This is where the problem with dual thinking comes inn, to reach our goals we need to illuminate the dual thinking once and for all.  When we create our life with dual thinking our success will only be temporarily, we have to stay positive at all times, and at hardest of times we have to work on it even more.


Always Be Thankful


When we are thankful for what we already have, no matter how little or big it is,  we will get more in return. If we complain about everything or anything at all, we will get lack all the time. Look for lessons not problems.  A person who always complained about everything one’s told me – ” You know I’ve tried this positive thinking thing and it doesn’t work, I guess it’s just not for everyone. life sucks!!! “. Of course in return I replied, well, if you are never thankful it will keep on sucking. We always seem to look up and never look down. The more we appreciate everything in our life,  the easier life gets.


Don’t think of ways how, concentrate only your the outcome


Another mistake that people often make is instead of concentrating on the outcome of their goal they think of ways of how to get there. You will always seem to find obstacles and confusion when you spend you time thinking of how.  The outcome is what’s importance not the ways of getting there.  Just know what you want, take some sort of action and the rest rest will come on it’s own. As I said earlier the chain of events.


Cause and Effect


There is no such thing as luck, there is only a reaction of your action. So if you notice that things are not going as planned and you are feeling frustrated, take a different action in your life. Take responsibility for all of your actions and don’t blame life or others. Everything that’s happening to us in our life is a result of a previous actions we took, if you don’t like what you see, remember you are in control and you can change everything.


Unblock your mind With Forgiveness Of Others


You would ask, what does this have to do with reaching your goals, and I can tell you that it has everything to do with your goals. Because everything is about energy we put out, if we are holding on to old memories and can’t let go or overcome them, it creates illness not only to our mind by to our body as well. In order to create our life how we want we must be cleared of anything negative that is holding us back, even if it has nothing to do with your current goals.  Grudges are like weeds that grow into trees and then forests, if you don’t clear them out you cannot possibly see your own way.


Your goals need to be structured in a way that it also helps others


This is a very big point, because another mistake many people make is separate them selves from others. If you are selfish your success will only be temporarily, but if you include others to be part of your goals, it will be real and permanent success. For example ( a small example ): If you are trying to reach goals such as adopt a healthy life style see who else around you such as your family or friends might be trying to do the same, and give them support.  We are all one and until and we have to help each other, not separate our selves from each other, so help others and in return you will help your self.




PS – I will begin to film workouts again in a few days, I’ve injured my knee about 4 days ago and it’s almost done healing.  I always post updates on my Facebook so add me as a friend.  If you want to see a video I made a

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