How To Recharge Your Positivity

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Positive Thinking


One of the biggest things that stopped me in my life before was negative thoughts. I think they are the cause for many people not to take action in their life. Once a little negative thought appears in our mind, it begins to grow and turn into a chain reaction.  The longer you neglect the process, the harder it is to get rid of.

I’ve been doing  a couple of techniques that really help me nip those negative thoughts right in the bud before they get too comfortable in my head.

I came up with this saying that I tell my self every day – ” The day’s energy is for us to give the good to others, but the night’s energy is for us to get inspired and recharge,  so we can keep on helping others in as many ways we can.

What I mean by that is during the day, we have to give our energy away to help others with kindness, compassion and motivation.  But at night we need to replenish with inspiration and complete the circle.

The best time is an hour or two before bed. What I always do is read positive mini stories, or chapters in a great book, or my recent favorite is watching positive videos that make me feel happy, you can find plenty of motivational videos on youtube.

This way, we fill our mind full of positive thoughts, while our body gets to recover from a good nights sleep. Positive mind + Rested Body = Feeling of Happiness.

I noticed when I do that every night, I recharge my self and in the morning I feel inspired again, which makes me feel happy. But when I pile my self up with work until I go to sleep and don’t give my self that rest time, the next day I feel drained, that’s when the negative thoughts can really get to you, when you’re down.

Another thing that I started doing, is watching my words and how they come out to people. Are they useful? Are they kind? Is there truth to them?  I started doing this after I’ve read a mini story, and it made me think a lot because the message of the story is very strong. Here it is:


The Three Filters Of Our Words Story


A guy comes to his teacher and asks:

– Did you hear what your friend said about you today?

– Hold on, stopping him said the teacher, – before you tell me anything, let your words run through the three filters.

– Three filters? Asked the guy

– Yes, said the teacher. First of all, let your words run through the first filter, the filter of truth. Are sure what you are about to tell me is the truth?

– Not really, said the guy, I just heard…

– OK, said the teacher. Let your words run through the second filter – the filter of kindness. Are you sure what you are about to tell me is something good about my friend?

– No, said the guy, it’s the opposite.

– Alright, said the teacher. Let’s run your words through the third filter, the filter of usefulness. Are you sure what you are about to tell me is going to be useful?

– No, not really said the guy.

– So, said the teacher, – what you are about to tell me has no truth, no kindness or usefulness.

Why would you want to tell me this?

After reading this, I’ve decided to give my self a challenge. Not only my words but my thoughts as well. If there is no kindness in my thoughts, if there is no truth or usefulness, then why should I think about it or say it.

This really helps to shift your perspective on things, and I think the more we practice being positive and kind, the more positivity and kindness will come into our own lives.
Positivity grows the same way negativity does, from a seed of thought. Which ever seed you water, will grow faster.  So let’s spread the good, and water the seed of kindness.

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