Family Matters

Apr 1, 2011 by

When I was younger, I use to have a completely different outlook on life in general. I wasn’t very family oriented person as I was growing up. I didn’t value family at all. I thought that the most important thing in the world was looks and money, and on the last position was health. I know, how stupid and shallow. I almost don’t recognize the person I use to be.

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A Kid At Heart And Love It

Mar 29, 2011 by

When we were kids we didn’t think about things too much, we just lived. That’s why I think there is an expression ” See the world through the eyes of a child “. As children we believe the world is limitless, because it truly is.

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Destiny – My Thoughts

Mar 28, 2011 by

One of the biggest questions in human existence, is there such thing as destiny? Well, everything has it’s purpose. I believe every little creation in the world has some certain destination.

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Open The Door To Your Creativi...

Mar 27, 2011 by

Being creative is part of our human nature, we were made from creativity. I believe it can take us to a whole other level of existence. It can transform anyone, really taking us to the root of our soul, where we feel connected to everything. And the most beautiful thing about creativity is when you are sharing it with others. It can bring such joy into your life. Talking about expanding your consciousness.

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Have You Been Slacking With Yo...

Mar 24, 2011 by

Have you been slacking on your workouts lately? Need motivation to get going again? If you said yes to at least one of those questions then this post is for you.

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My Little Baby Devils

Mar 18, 2011 by

  Meet Luie aka Itsie 🙂  He is my first born ( not literally LOL ).  He is a Scorpio, Chihuahua vegetarian… Ha Ha Ha,...

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