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Creativity, Inspiration with Blogging

Creativity with Blogging


Today I finally got what I was waiting for  in the mail, a book I ordered about a week ago.  It opened a whole bunch of creativity space in my head that I didn’t even knew existed. The book was written by Tara Frey and it’s called Blogging For Bliss: Crafting your own online journal.

What I really loved about this beautifully illustrated book,  is that she published a lot of other really beautiful blogs.  As I was going though everyone of those blogs, I felt like I was taken to another planet.   I even came up with a word for it, I call it ” B Bloganet” – Beautiful Blog Planet :). It really took my breath away.

There are so many beautiful minds out there, taking pictures, talking about their lives, inviting the us to experience life with them around the world.  It was so inspiring.

It made me think about creativity in general. Being creative is part of our human nature,  we were made from creativity.  I believe it can take us to a whole other level of existence.  It can transform anyone, really taking us to the root of our soul,  where we feel connected to everything.  And the most beautiful thing about creativity is when you are sharing it with others.  It can bring such joy into your life.  Talking about expanding your consciousness.

And the best thing about creativity, is that anyone can do it.  Anyone can open a blog and explore this beautiful world.  There are a few great free blogging softwares available.  Even if you never written anything in your life,  once you actually open your blog, the inspiration will start flowing.  You can be up and running in under 10 minutes, connecting to the world and their beautiful thoughts.  I am so happy that I discover blogging.  And I already started getting these amazing ideas and soon I will be sharing them here on my blog.  Stop by and share your thoughts.

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