My Little Baby Devils

Mar 18, 2011 by


Meet Luie aka Itsie 🙂  He is my first born ( not literally LOL ).  He is a Scorpio, Chihuahua vegetarian… Ha Ha Ha, I’m just kidding. I am sarcastic like that all the time.
Itsie is 8 years old.  He is a very sweet doggie and he loves to cuddle.



This is Lulu aka Donia Papsita aka Miss Puffy.   She has several nick names.  I have nicknames for everything and everyone, I am a master of nicknames :).  She is a baby from Luie.   She is very sneaky and devilish :).  She loves to steal food off my plate even though I spoil her with real food all the time. In Russia we always give our dogs real food.

Just wanted to share some pics of my doggies 🙂


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