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My Thoughts On Destiny


One of the biggest questions in human existence, is there such thing as destiny?
Well, everything has it’s purpose.  I believe every little creation in the world has some certain destination.  After reading numerous books and thinking millions of thoughts we have to believe in what makes the most sense to us as an individual.  I think choices play a big role in this thing called destiny.  One way or another, things will happen how they are suppose to. But it doesn’t mean we can just sit around waiting for them to happen.   We have to make it happen. We always get chances to accomplish things that we need, sometimes we let those changes slip by, because we are too busy wondering around, is that what I am really suppose to do? Why don’t you just give it a chance and see, because sometimes it could be years for you to receive another chance.
I believe that destiny of humanity is about progress, evolution.  We all have the same purpose, to progress, to grow.  It is the path to that purpose that is different for everyone.
But what happens if you have a destiny, a purpose but you can’t seem to figure out what it is? I hear that question all the time.   One thing I can say for sure is based on my personal opinion – Destiny is what makes you happy. Find something in your life that makes you happy the most, something that makes you happy for the rest of your life is your purpose and your destiny.

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