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When I was younger,  I use to have a completely different outlook on life in general. I wasn’t very family oriented person as I was growing up.  I didn’t value family at all. I thought that the most important thing in the world was looks and money, and on the last position was health.  I know, how stupid and shallow.  I almost don’t recognize the person I use to be.  It’s like, my soul left my body and another soul came inn  instead.

Now, as I am a bit more older and a lot more mature, I became to understand that family is the most important thing in the world.  It is what keeps that connection to the wold alive.  It’s just beautiful.  Nothing is more priceless than  family. Looks fade, money is paper and family will always be there.  Even after we all die, our family always keeps us in their lives. With pictures, thoughts, things that belonged to us,  they are the one’s that keep our legend alive.

Not every one’s family is perfect of course, but I also believe you don’t have to be physically related to someone to call them family.  It’s the connections we make in our thoughts and actions that bond us to one another.

When I was younger I wasn’t very close to my family, at the time I remember thinking, these are the people I’m related to,  but I don’t have a family.  I was very angry and upset at them, and I held a lot of grudges.  I just didn’t get it.  I was narrow minded and just didn’t get it.

As years have passed and my relationship with my family changed, I began to understand all of the complexity that was involved.   Not only did was I completely able to let go of my bad feelings towards them, but I developed  love and respect that I didn’t know was possible before. I  live in United States because of my family.  I have a very nice life here.  I don’t know how my life would of turned out if I wasn’t living here.

When we left Russia,  life there was very tough.  My grandma and my mom had to work really hard for me to have a good life.  My grandma spent all of her life living only for her children.  I realized how strong and amazing she is.  I would of crumbled if I had to survive like my mom and my grandma did  in those tough Communist times.

I haven’t seen my mom in three years since I moved to the Sunshine State, and today she came  here.  She is moving here to be exact.  And I am so happy,  that she will be living close to me.  I just wish my grandma would move here as well.  But she is far away in Russia.  I really miss her a lot.  Now I just want to cherish every moment I can spend with her.

I am sure there are a lot of kids out there that just hate their parents, and they feel like the parents don’t understand them, or don’t get them.  But I think  parents no matter how good or bad they may seem to us,  we are the one’s that  have to understand  they gave us our life.  And that is the most precious gift.  Life.  And Family.

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