Training Recovery

May 13, 2011 by

Recovery after a workout is a topic that many people who exercise on a regular basis seem to avoid, mainly beginners. It is easy to fall into a trap of belief that more exercise is better, and recovery is not as important than workout it self. This is false. If you are exercising excessively and without a proper recuperation not only will your body stops producing results, but you are putting your self at risk of injury, which may last for month’s.

There is a lot of things you can do to help your body recover from exercise, especially if you do Interval Training Workouts, or any other type of workout that becomes very taxing on your system. Here are just a few basics

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My Pyramid Workout

May 12, 2011 by

Doing pyramid type of workouts are very beneficial to building strength and gaining muscle. There are many different ways in building a pyramid workout routine. It is important to switch up your training all the time so your body keeps developing and growing. What I like to do is to combine Interval Training with Pyramid Training routine.

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Interval Training – Begi...

May 11, 2011 by

Interval Training has become on of the most effective programs for cardiovascular training, as well as an effective way of blasting your fat burning abilities.
I use to dread spending 45 minutes or more on aerobic training, I literally had to cry my self through it. Steady pace cardio can bring results – if you do it long enough. But in our busy society who has the time to be at the gym for an hour and a half. Not me! This is where Interval Training Takes the protein bar. It’s fast and effective!

In this post I am going to talk about different types of Intervals you can use to get results at half the time, I will also share the intervals I use my self.

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Frequently Asked Questions

May 3, 2011 by

I get a lot of questions from readers via email, in this post I am going to answer the most frequent fitness questions I get.

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Guest Blogger Greg – Tip...

Apr 29, 2011 by

Hello readers of Loving Fit! My name is Greg, and I’m the author of Live Fit Blog, where you can find healthy living tips, as well as my thoughts about fitness, weight loss, and the occasional ramblings of a Dad stumbling through parenthood. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the community here!

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Finally A Better Interval Time...

Apr 28, 2011 by

Finally the time had come for Gymboss to come out with a new product – Gymboss Max. I’ve been waiting for this since the creation of Interval Timers.
I always loved my interval timer, but at the same time I thought that it was a bit ancient and limited. It only had 1 and 2 interval options, plus a stopwatch. That was fine in the beginning, but then one begins to wonder – why is there such limitations with the intervals?

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