3 Reasons P90X2 Is Going To Be...

Jul 18, 2011 by

Hello readers of Loving Fit, today I would like for you to welcome a guest post by Paul Atkins.
They say good things come to those who wait and this couldn’t be any truer than with fans of P90X. The in home program that started a disciple like following of Tony Horton is currently being revamped from the ground up as part 2 of the P90X franchise. The project coined P90X2, started over a year ago and is close to its completion date which has been rumored to be late fall of 2011.

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Herniated Disc Tips And How I ...

Jul 16, 2011 by

About a year and a half ago I severely injured my back. It was the most intense physical pain I ever had to deal with in my life. The weird thing about it was that I could walk ( through some pain ), but I couldn’t sit or lie down without pain going from my back all the way down my leg.
What I had was a herniated disc in my lower back, which I was told will require surgery to fix.

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The Importance of Posture and ...

Jun 25, 2011 by

When I was little my grandma always use to scream her lungs out when my back wasn’t straight, whether I was walking or sitting, or sleeping. Back then, I use to think she just had a knack for yelling. I remember I would be playing outside with my friends and out of nowhere I would hear my grandmas squeaky voice yelling “Baaaaack”, and I would straighten out my posture right away.

Now that I am all grown up and I don’t have anyone yelling in my ear to straighten my back, my posture has been getting worst and worst. I finally understand why my grandma was stressing out so much about my back. Posture is important!

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How To Make An Agility Ladder ...

Jun 22, 2011 by

Agility ladders are mainly used by athletes but anyone can incorporate agility ladder training into their workouts. It helps to improve balance, muscle endurance, reaction time and coordination in various parts of the body. Agility Ladder training benefits are similar to jump rope, except it’s multidirectional, which means you will develop more power and work more muscle groups.
Besides the physical benefits, I believe it helps you develop concentration, this improves your overall quality of life.

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Balance Disc And How To Use It

Jun 4, 2011 by

A Balance Disc is a really amazing small piece of equipment. I use it almost daily in my workouts. What I’ve learned about working out is that you don’t have to keep using heavier and heavier weights, you just have to find a way to make an exercise harder to perform, and Balance Disc does just that.

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Plyometric Training

May 23, 2011 by

Plyometrics is my favorite type of Cardio Workout, not only because it comes from Russia, but because it’s a great way to burn fat and build muscle.

Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky is credited for creating the principle of plyometrics which was called “shock training” at the time.

Back in Moscow when I was a figure skater, we trained using plyometrics every day, this is where I first learned how to workout.

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