How To Make An Agility Ladder At Home

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How to Make agility ladder


Agility ladders are mainly used by athletes for plyometric training,  but anyone can incorporate agility ladder training into their workouts. It helps to improve balance, muscle endurance, reaction time and coordination in various parts of the body. Agility Ladder training benefits are similar to jump rope, except it’s multi directional, which means you will develop more power and work more muscle groups.
Besides the physical benefits, I believe it helps you develop concentration, this improves your overall quality of life.
Agility ladder can take your workouts from being good to great and fun at the same time.

They are pretty expensive to buy about 60 to 100 dollars each, and that’s only for a single ladder. I made my own double ladder at home, and the supplies only cost me under 20 bucks.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1. Five 3 ft long wooden sticks from a craft store
  • 2. Basic rope any color 18 ft
  • 3. Duck Tape ( I got a silver one )
  • 4. Measuring Tape ( I’m sure everyone has this at home 😉 )


How to make agility ladder


You can make a longer ladder if you like, but for my basic home use 5 ft long is perfect.

Cut the rope in 3 equal parts of 6 ft, measure it with a measuring tape. Place the sticks 1.5 ft apart on top of the 3 pieces of rope. You will use the duck tape to stick it together like this:


How to make agility ladder


The final product:


How to make agility ladder


As you can see, it is super easy to make :).  You can start incorporating it into your daily workout routine using Interval Training.


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