3 Reasons P90X2 Is Going To Be Better Than It’s Predecessor

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Hello readers of Loving Fit, today I would like for you to welcome a guest post by Paul Atkins.


3 Reasons P90X2 Is Going To Be Better Than Its Predecessor

Guest Post By:  Paul Atkins


They say good things come to those who wait and this couldn’t be any truer than with fans of P90X. The in home program that started a disciple like following of Tony Horton is currently being revamped from the ground up as part 2 of the P90X franchise. The project coined P90X2, started over a year ago and is close to its completion date which has been rumored to be late fall of 2011. Many fans might wonder if P90X2 will be better than or at least live up to its record selling predecessor P90X.  Consider 3 reasons why P90X2 will not just shatter the mold, but ignite a sports science revolution.


  • Less Is More With P90X2: An efficient workout is one that provides you the most amount of return for what time you “paid” for it. In other words the time you spend exercising is a precious commodity and should be compensated accordingly. With P90X you were asked to spend or pay 6 days per week to accomplish the full 90 day program. This regimen was designed to deliver maximum results in the allotted 90 days. With P90X2 the exercise regimen is only 5 days a week. The reason for this is because the intensity level each day with P90X2 is so intense you need 2 days off for rest. P90X2 has evolved to s point of complete efficiency where less is truly more.


  • Built On The Foundation of P90X: It’s been estimated that there are over 20,000 YouTube video success stories from P90X fans. Couple that with the fact that over 4 million programs have been sold and to date 415,000 facebook fans, P90X doubters have been kept at bay. This is very important to P90X2 since it has built its foundation upon the very same principles as the original program. Muscle confusion is still the keystone to P90X2 as it was with its predecessor. The efficiency of the workouts and the fact that the latest in research and sports science have been applied to P90X2, give ample evidence that this program will deliver far superior results to any exerciser.


  • Professional Advantage To P90X2: Often when a product is being greatly improved the need to enlist additional advisers, researchers, and professionals will come up. Because the producers behind P90X2 strive for the most up to date and useful as input as possible, Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project were called upon. Previously only available to world class professional athletes, this caliber of expertise will now be available to anyone who tries P90X2.


Although all of us still need to wait a few more months for P90X2 we have not been left in the dark. To wet our appetites and get us thirsting for more “all things Tony Horton” the first official P90X2 Video was released.  What’s certain from watching this trailer is that if this is a taste of things to come, only one Tony Horton phrase comes to mind – “Bring It”.

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