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Doing pyramid type of workouts are very beneficial to building strength and gaining muscle. There are many different ways in building a pyramid workout routine. It is important to switch up your training all the time so your body keeps developing and growing. What I like to do is to combine Interval Training with Pyramid Workout.  I do my Pyramids with an interval of 7 to 10 minutes. Usually I pick 2 or three exercises such as Pull ups, followed by a variation of Push ups and Hanging Straight Leg Raises ( I like to pick challenging exercises, because they are the best way to build strength, since I don’t use heavy weights ).

This is one of my favorite Pyramid Workout Routines:

Set your Interval Timer to count down 7 – 10 minutes and do the following in a pyramid order:

1 pull – up
2 close grip push-ups
2 straight leg raises

This is the first set and counts as one rep, take a short break if you have to and move on to doing two reps of the sequence:

2 pull ups
4 close grip push-ups
4 straight leg raises

So you are working up with every set until you reach failure ( your max ).

Take a short break, and start reversing the pyramid, this time start with your a set lower than your max ( this is where you are really going to develop the strength ) and keep working your way down.
Let say your max is 8 pull ups, 16 close grip push -ups and 16 leg lifts, then you would start with 7 pull ups, 14 close grip push ups and 14 hanging leg raises.

Take very little break in between sets. You should be able to finish the whole pyramid within your set time. If you don’t, then take down your reps. But if you finish then pyramid before the time runs out, start a new one. You can extend your time if you are a complete beginner.

If you can’t do full pull ups, you can do assisted pull ups with a chair, push ups off your knees, and instead of straight leg raises you can do hanging knee raises.
Always pick exercises that are challenging, the Pyramids are for building strength, but I also think it builds your mind as well.

Five years ago, I couldn’t even hang on to a pull up bar for 5 seconds, or do leg lifts of any kind.  I had this Idea in my head that it was only for gymnasts and other people just not me.  But I had to learn because of a job I got offered.  The first few weeks, I did assisted pull ups and assisted leg lifts and knee raises.  A few weeks later, I got strong enough to do two full pull ups and 5 full leg raises.  Four month’s later, I was doing 10 pull ups and a lot of leg raises.  Who would of thought, turns out if you push your self you can accomplish anything.

Everyone is able to build up to full pull ups and push ups, it is all the matter of how willing you are to do it.  So don’t be afraid to push your self through a strength building pyramid workout.

What I believe, is our bodies were meant to be physical, we all should be walking, running, pulling and pushing. But since we became so modern we simply stopped using our bodies. Now all we do is drive, sit, lay, eat and complain. And none of those things will ever get any of us  fit or healthy. I my self do a good share of complaining, I think we all do, but I try to improve on it every day, some days more than others :).

Definitely give  Pyramid Workout a try, unless you already have.  Have you?




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