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Finally the time had come for Gymboss to come out with a new product – Gymboss Max. I’ve been waiting for this since the creation of ¬†Interval Timers.
I always loved my interval timer, but at the same time I thought that it was a bit ancient and limited. It only had 1 and 2 interval options, plus a stopwatch. That was fine in the beginning, but then one begins to wonder – why is there such limitations with the intervals?

I had to set it up to count down my warm -up, which is about 10 minutes. Then, I had to set it up for the first part of my workout, then I had to set it up for the second part of my workout ( I always have different intervals I exercise with ). It was just constant setting and resetting that drove me crazy. Not only that, but the screen just reminded me of something that was made in the 80’s.

Now they finally came out with a much cooler interval timer. It is so new that they don’t even have it up on their website. The only place that sells Gymboss Max is Amazon and Ebay. What I love about the new interval timer – I can finally go through my workout without stopping to reset it. It gives you the freedom to create more complex intervals. For example:

10 : 00 x 1 ( warm – up ) – 1 ten minute interval
01 : 00 x 8 ( workout ) – 1min/ 15 sec intervals repeated 8 times )
00 : 15 x R ( 1 minute of work, 15 sec of rest )
10 : 00 x 1 ( cool – down ) – 1 ten minute interval

No resetting necessary! You can also save your interval groups which makes it bit more modern compared to the old Gymboss. It comes with a scrolling menu as well, and it’s easier to set up. In the old version you had to press the button and hold to turn it on or off. In the new one, there is a turn off option.
There is a downside to Gymboss Max the color limitations and the price. it only comes in black and yellow. Pretty Boring. I don’t know, which color do I hate the most, yellow or black? Both! But I can deal with black! So I got the black one :). I am not sure why they haven’t got more creative with colors, but at least they got more creative with the intervals.
I am now off to run free and create cool workouts!


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